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Completing Harp Column’s annual 30 Day Practice Challenge in January has been refreshing, rewarding, and renewing! It has been extremely inspiring to see over a thousand harpists worldwide take part in this challenge, dreaming big, to learn the music they’ve always wanted to learn. The feeling of accomplishing a dream is so satisfying, so why should it stop in January? Let’s stay inspired all year long! Below are a handful of pieces that participants chose this year as their dream piece to learn. We hope these works inspire you to keep learning through all of 2021!

(Titles marked with an * are playable on lever harp.)

Inspiring Classics

La Source

arr. Rachel Green 

This famous melody by Zabel is a harp repertoire classic filled with luscious melodies and arpeggios!

Clair de lune

arr. Elzbieta Szmyt

Perhaps the best-known melody by Debussy and one of the best-known classical melodies worldwide. This one is a must-learn for the harpist’s repertoire. 

Prelude in C Major

arr. Floraleda Sacchi

This piece by Bach comes in handy for all sorts of events from weddings, to concerts and funerals. It is perhaps best known when the text for “Ave Maria” is superimposed over the flowing melody. 

The Lark

arr. Angela Klohn

Stunning. Ethereal. This piece by Glinka is wonderful for recitals, weddings, or church services.

Arrival of the Queen of Sheeba*

arr. Katherine Thomas

This upbeat piece by Handel is perfect for concerts and wedding recessionals! Katherine Thomas has both a lever harp version and a pedal harp version available.


arr. Ekaterina Afansieva 

Piazzolla’s well-loved tango melody is a fun contrast to concert repertoire!

Inspiring Originals

Cindy Horstman



Deborah Henson-Conant

New Blues


Kirsten Agresta Copely

Water Lilies



by Cindy Horstman

 This unique piece uses both Celtic and Jazz elements to create such a relaxing atmosphere! 

New Blues*

by Deborah Henson-Conant

 You’ll have so much fun playing this one! It’s upbeat and always a crowd-pleaser! Definitely one where your audience will be moving to the beat.

Water Lilies*

by Kirsten Agresta Copely 

This relaxing piece is a breath of fresh air. Its slowly blossoming melody truly captivates the listener.

Inspiring Irish tunes

Kim Robertson

Highland Heart


Fig for a Kiss*

arr. Grainne Hambly

 This traditional slip jig has an infectious melody that sure is fun to play!

Dark Woman of the Mountains*

arr. Kim Robertson 

This arrangement is part of the Highland Heart collection, which includes fourteen arrangements of popular Irish/Scottish airs. “Dark Woman of the Mountains” is a beautiful melody that can be used for any occasion.

Carolan’s Concerto

arr. Aryeh Frankfurter 

This arrangement is a part of the Harper’s Brew collection, which includes sixteen Irish and Scottish tune arrangements. We particularly love the joyous version of “O’Carolan’s Concerto!”

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