Irish Favorites

It’s time to take out your favorite Irish tunes in preparation for the month of March. This list will take you start-to-finish at your gigs with a variety of tune tempos and styles. All selections are playable on either lever or pedal harp. Enjoy!

Lively Irish Tunes

The Mountain Lark

arr. Gráinne Hambly

This is the tune to play if you want to excite or engage your audience! It has such an infectious melody.

Irish Whiskey

arr. Monika Stadler

Such a fun, lively tune—great for your gig book, Monika has a lever version and a pedal version, as well as optional add-on Harp 2 parts.

The Kitten

arr. Kim Robertson

I had never heard this tune before, but it’s so adorably playful. This is a 5-part slip jig and the arrangement is quite long for a tune, which is great for long sets at your gigs.

Brian Boru’s March

arr. Fabio Rizza

This tune is so nostalgic because it was a staple in my harp ensemble as a kid. I was so glad to stumble upon this gorgeous, sophisticated version with a unique harmonic color.

Sweet & Slow Irish Tunes

Liana Alpino

The Parting Glass


Angela Klöhn



The Parting Glass

arr. Liana Alpino

I have always loved this gentle Irish tune. I like to end my sets with this one not only because it’s a nice soothing note to end on, but also because it is traditionally sung as a goodbye song as a way to end gatherings with friends.


arr. Angela Klöhn

This is one of my Irish favorites. It has a captivating melody filled with beautiful phrases.

Be Thou My Vision

arr. Rhett Barnwell

Perhaps one of the best known Irish melodies—this is a must for your gig book if you don’t have it already. Rhett’s version is quite unique compared to other versions out there, as it is very evocative in nature.

Original Irish Tunes

The Harpweaver

Maeve Gilchrist

Eight original arrangements and transcriptions make up this collection from Maeve’s album of the same name. No wonder the album has received such high praises because these pieces are beautiful. My personal favorite is “The Storm.”

The Exploding Bow

Ailie Robertson

Such a groovy, rhythmic medley of three Scottish/Irish jigs. This is definitely “show stopper solo” worthy. This piece is also a part of Ailie’s larger collection, First Things First.

Dreams of Ireland

William Mahan

This collection is great to add to your Irish/St. Patrick’s Day playlists. It includes 8 original tunes inspired by Irish immigration to America, as well as an arrangement of the ever popular “Danny Boy.” It’s always nice to add some music that people don’t expect or recognize to your setlists, but still have Irish flavor.


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