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How do I become a Harp Column Music Artist?

Submit a sample PDF of what you’d like to sell. If we like what we see, we’ll send you more detailed sales information, along with an agreement to sign.

Two very important things to know:

  1. We only sell PDF downloads.
  2. Generally, we do not publish music. If you are publishing your own music (most HCM artists are) you’ll need to take care of the responsibilities of the publisher such as….

Who sets the price?

You do.

How much do I get?

You get 60 percent of the sale price and we retain 40 percent.

Who does the note-setting?

You do. (But we can refer you to some excellent engravers.)

Who takes care of obtaining rights for copyrighted works?

You do.

Can I sell non-public domain music I haven’t obtained permission for?

No. We will only sell arrangements of works that are in the public domain in the U.S., unless you have received permission from the copyright holder. If you are unsure whether your work is in the public domain, check IMSLP.

What if someone else is publishing my music?

You’ll need to determine who is the copyright owner for your music. If you’ve given your copyright to your publisher, then we’ll need to work directly with them.

You didn’t like my PDF—why?

Here are the most common reasons we reject PDF samples:

  • The general formatting is not professional looking
    (This can include things like margins not being big enough or consistent; lines not spaced well for page turns; or lines running onto extra pages.
  • The note setting is not professional looking
    (This can include non-standard notation, inconsistent pedal markings, and overlapping items)
  • We already have too much of what you’re offering
  • You didn’t obtain proper rights to sell copyrighted material

Do you have more questions about becoming a Harp Column Music artist? Contact us now.

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