Troubleshooting FAQ

Q: I don’t know where to find my music!

All your recent downloads are available for 30 days after purchase on your My Account page. Find the My Account link in the upper right hand corner. (You will need to log in first to see it.)

Q: I’m trying to download my purchase, but when I enter my password it keeps being rejected.

Music purchased prior to 12-15-17 requires a password for access. Your password is the email address that you used to register for the site as the download password. Your site login password is different, and will not work to access your downloads. (We know it’s a little confusing!)

Q: I’m entering my email address as the password, but it is still being rejected.

We know it sounds like a no-brainer, but check that you’re typing correctly! Also double check that you didn’t mistype your email address when you registered for the site. Your email password is case sensitive—be sure to use all lower case letters.

Q: I can’t download my order because it says “processing.” 

You should be able to download your order immediately as soon as your payment goest through, regardless of whether your order status says “processing” (this is just a way for us to keep track of things on our end). Be sure you are logged in and have clicked the My Account link in the upper right-hand corner.

Q: When I’m asked for my download password, there isn’t enough space to enter my entire email address. 

Try a different browser or a different PDF reader, which should fix the problem.

Q: My downloads show up on the screen, but when I print them I get a blank page. 

We’re not entirely sure why this happens, but it seems to be associated with printing directly from a web browser. Try saving the document on your local hard drive and opening it in a PDF reader such as Acrobat or Preview and printing from there. If you have a choice, be sure to use your printer’s dialog box rather than your browser’s “print” button (move your cursor away from the browser and you may see more options). You can also try “shift reloading” your browser screen. Everyone who has mentioned this problem to us has reported it solved after trying a few different things so don’t panic and keep trying! If the problem persists, let us know.

Q: I purchased downloads, but I don’t know where to go to find them.

First, be sure you are logged in to (click “login” at the top right). Then click “my account” either at the top right where you logged in, or in the main navigation tab.  All your available downloads should appear in a list on your My Account page.

Q: OK, I’m on my My Account” page, but I still don’t see my downloads.

Downloads expire after 30 days, so if you don’t see a download link for something you know you purchased, it may have expired. (Or, you may still see the link but when you click on it, it says your purchase has expired.) See below.

Q: I forgot to download my purchase and now it’s expired. 

If you didn’t have a chance to download your recent purchase before it expired, just email us to request an extension and we’ll be happy to give you a little extra time, within reason.

Q: I tried making a purchase and entered credit card information, but it didn’t work.

Your billing address zip code must match the one on file with your credit card company. If they don’t match exactly, it could result in your credit card being rejected.

Q: I think I was accidentally billed twice.

This can happen if you accidentally push submit twice while the system is still processing your transaction. Don’t panic, we’ll fix it! Usually, we notice a double billing and correct the mistake for you. If you notice something we missed, just email us and we will be happy to reverse the charge.

Q: I made a purchase, but the download link doesn’t work or goes to the wrong product.

It’s  possible we made a mistake when creating the download link. Email us to let us know exactly what’s wrong and we’ll fix it right away.

Q: I downloaded my PDF but it’s filled with “gibberish.”

Usually when a PDF doesn’t display correctly it indicates a problem with your browser or software. Try a different browser and/or updating your software. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader to view and print your PDFs.

Q: I accidentally bought the wrong product.

Some of our products come in more than one version, formatted for different paper sizes. If you accidentally bought the wrong size, or if you accidentally bought the wrong product altogether, email us describing your problem and we’ll try our best to fix it for you!

Q: I saved my downloads onto an old device that I don’t have anymore and now I can’t find them. 

It’s up to you to save and back up purchases, so please keep your downloaded files safe and be sure to print out a hard copy for your file.

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