Accessing and saving your downloads

Log in at, go to My Account, and click on “downloads.”  You will see all the downloads available to you. Purchases are available to download in your account for 30 days after the date of purchase. Please be sure to download and save purchases on your own device before the expiration date.

Note: Music purchased prior to 12-15-17 requires a password. The password is the email address you used to register with You will need to enter your password every time you access your download, even if you’ve saved it to your computer or table device. However, once you’ve imported a download into a music reader such as ForScore, you will not have to re-enter the password to view it in that application.

Terms for purchasing PDF sheet music downloads

By purchasing PDF sheet music downloads from, you agree to the following terms of use:

Downloads are not returnable. After you’ve downloaded your music, please respect the copyright law so that we can continue to bring you more new works. Re-distributing or copying your downloads to give to others is against the copyright law. Here are some commonly asked questions about what you can and cannot do with your downloads once you’ve purchased them.

Can I print out my downloads?

Yes, you may print out your downloads, provided that each copy you print is for your own personal use. You may not print out your downloads to give to someone else, including students, with the exception of harp ensemble sets that include multiple parts (see below). Jump to the end for tips on printing.

Can I put my downloads on a tablet device?

Yes! You may put the sheet music downloads you’ve purchased on your own personal tablet devices. You cannot send your digital files to a friend to put on their tablet device. Be sure to back up your purchases so you can re-install them on future devices–you will not have access to purchases on after the expiration date.

Can I send a digital copy of my download to someone else?

No, your digital downloads are personalized for you, and you may not distribute them to other people.

What about ensemble arrangements with multiple parts?

You may print out a part from a set to give to another member of your group, but you may not print and distribute multiple copies of the same part (see below).

What if my ensemble needs extra parts?

If you need more copies of a part than are included in a set, you’ll need to purchase them, or ask the other members of your group to purchase their own set or part. (Many of our arrangers offer individual parts for sale to make this very easy for you!).

Why are my downloads password protected and stamped?

To help protect against the illegal distribution of our downloads, we stamp all the PDF downloads for sale on this site with your name and date of download. (If you are purchasing downloads that are specifically for another person, please contact us to have the stamp inscribed with their name instead of your own.)

Music purchased prior to 12-15-17 also requires a password, which is the email address you used to purchase the music. Remember, you will need to enter your password (email address) each time you open your file.

Note: Harp Column Music reserves the right to revoke download privileges for purchased items if these terms are not adhered to. 

Printing Your Downloads

Our PDF downloads come from arrangers around the world, many of whom use different paper sizes. Unless otherwise noted, downloads are formatted for “Letter” size 8.5″ x 11″ paper. We recommend printing a test page before printing your full download. You may want to experiment with choosing “fit to area” in your print dialog box, but in some cases you’ll get a better fit by not checking this box. You may need to experiment with reducing and enlarging the area to fit your specific paper size.

Some arrangers offer the same piece formatted for different paper sizes. We’ve tried to indicate whenever you have a choice of formatting sizes, but if you’ve purchased the wrong size by accident, just let us know (email

Our PDF downloads come in many different lengths, from a single page to books of 30 or more pages. We’ve tried to indicate the number of pages for each piece and part in the product description so you can check your paper supply before printing!

Searching Tips

Click on the magnifying class in the main menu to search by title, or use the filters in the sidebar to search by Type of Harp, Genre, Instrumentation, Artist, or Composer.

Scroll to the bottom of an individual piece page to see “Additional Information,” such as level and type of harp.

Type of Harp

Choose “Lever Harp” to see pieces that are playable on lever harp, or for harp ensemble, where all parts are playable on lever harp.

Choose “Pedal” to see pieces that are only playable on pedal harp, or for harp ensemble, where all parts are only playable on pedal harp.

Choose “Mixed” for ensemble pieces where some parts are playable on lever harp and some parts require pedal harp.


We’ve assigned levels to each piece, based on the following:

Beginner: very easy, minimal skill required
Advanced Beginner: easy, a basic foundation required
Intermediate: not easy, but could be learned fairly quickly by an advanced harpist
Advanced: would require practice by an advanced harpist

Note that some ensemble works may include parts for various levels: we’ve tried to indicate that in the product description.


In the description for each piece, we provide the length in pages of each download. This information is given so you can be prepared with enough paper to print your enter download. Downloads may contain title pages and text pages that decrease the amount of actual music contained in a part. Downloads that were originally formatted for print may also contain blank pages.

Having trouble?

Having trouble downloading your purchased items? Be sure to read our Troubleshooting FAQ. If you’re still having trouble, contact us at and we’ll try to help!