Romantic Music

Need to add some romance to your playlist? Check out these “lovely” solos to download now!

(Titles marked with an * are playable on lever harp.)

Romantic classics

Clair de Lune

arr. Elzabieta Szmyt

No romantic playlist would be complete without this Claude Debussy piano classic. Szmyt’s version is fully marked with pedals, fingering, and placing so you can dive right in and play!

Chopin Preludes

arr. Maria Luisa Rayan

It doesn’t get much more romantic than the dreamy piano music of Frederic Chopin. Rayan has compiled four of his most famous melodies in this collection of preludes.

The Restaurant Book—Romantic Selections*

arr. Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher

Rees-Rohrbacher has complied 20 romantic classics into this giant collection. What’s even better, the tunes have been arranged in progressive key order so you can play them as a continuous set. The tunes also stand alone if you’d rather pick and choose. We’re in love with that idea!

Romantic originals

Nadia Birkenstock



Liana Alpino




by Carol Robbins

We don’t know if there’s a romantic story behind Carol Robbins’ original tune “Emilia,” but if there isn’t one, there probably should be. This beautiful melody with its lush jazz harmonies would make anyone swoon!


by Nadia Birkenstock

This original by lever harp specialists Nadia Birkenstock is slow, melodic, and meditative. And did we mention romantic? You’ll want to add this one to your playlist!


by Liana Alpino

Another dreamy original is Liana Alpino’s “Sentara.” “My hope is that the player’s soul will be so relaxed playing this that they can find their own story,” says the composer. Maybe your story is a romantic one?

Romantic folk and pop

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose*

arr. Meinir Heulyn

“O my love is like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in June; O my love is like the melody that’s sweetly played in tune…” Meinir Heulyn has arranged this beautiful Scottish folk melody, adapted by Robert Burns. (We also love that the lyrics speak to harpists!)

Love in Bloom

arr. Christa Grix

If you can’t get enough of “My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose,” Grix’s medley Love in Bloom combines the tune with another romantic folk favorite “The Riddle Song.” We love it!

A Time for Love

arr. Riza Printup

Inspired by recordings made by jazz legends Shirley Horn, Tony Bennett, and Bill Evans, this arrangement of the beautiful jazz ballad “A Time for Love” was written for solo pedal harp by Riza Printup. What’s not to love?

Make You Feel My Love*

arr. Michelle Whitson Stone

Adele might have made this pop song famous in recent years, but did you know it was actually written by the legendary Bob Dylan? Who knew he was such a romantic!

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