Our favorite back-to-school ensembles

Looking for back-to-school harp ensemble repertoire? Check out our editors’ picks for every level, all available to download right now!

Best for Beginners

BegEnz; Anna Dunwoodie

BegEnz consists of 16 short and simple pieces, arranged by Anna Dunwoodie, designed for beginning harpists as an introduction to ensemble playing. Each of the pieces in the collection has a version one, which is an easy solo version of the tune; a version two, slightly harder; and a version three, harder again, or accompaniment. The versions can be played separately or together in any combination. The beginner harpist can play as much or little as they like when playing with other harpists while still developing their ensemble skills. 

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enchanted Melodies; Kathryn Cater

Kathryn Cater’s collection of original duets for two lever or pedal harps is themed after mythical fantasy characters from different cultures around the world. The Harp 1 part – suitable for beginners – plays the melody using only one hand at a time and never more than three fingers. Harp 2 plays the accompaniment and is more suited to the advanced beginner.

The River Suite; maurice Draughn

The River Suite is a collection of arrangements for 2–4 lever harps by Maurice Draughn including spirituals that reference the rivers of hope, freedom, and peace. This arrangement can be performed as a harp duo, trio or quartet.

Maurice Draughn

The River Suite


Intermediate favorites

Greensleeves; Whit Dudley

Whit Dudley’s beloved arrangement of “Greensleeves” is for four pedal harps. (Although the arrangement is written for pedal harp, lever harpists will find the parts accessible with some modifications.) This tried-and-true arrangement is a perfect accompaniment to any ensemble program, especially during the holiday season. (Plus, proceeds from this arrangement benefit the Whit Dudley Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund at the University of Texas!)

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Whit Dudley


water music suite; lynn williams

Marguerite Lynn Williams has taken the most popular movements from G. F. Handel’s three Water Music Suites and combined them into this collection of five movements for 4 pedal harps. A great choice to start or end a program!

Marguerite Lynn Williams

Water Music Suite

coasting; gary schocker

Gary Schocker’s original composition Coasting is for two pedal harps. This accessible work for intermediate level begins and ends in D-flat, with a modulatory middle section. Using the full range of the harp, voices are divided between the parts making them equal in difficulty level.

Gary Schocker



Advanced challengers

Dance macabre; Eleanor turner

Eleanor Turner has arranged Camille Saint Seans’ “Danse Macabre” for 4 pedal harps. Perfect programming for spooky-themed concerts!

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Eleanor Turner

Danse Macabre

golliwog’s cake walk; gayle barrington

“Golliwogg’s Cake Walk” – the well-known tune from Debussy’s Children’s Corner – is arranged here for two pedal harps by Gayle Barrington. It’s a rhythmic challenger and crowd pleaser to round out any concert program. 

Gayle Barrington

Golliwogg’s Cake Walk

Schubert Ständchen; Rainer templin

Rainer Templin has arranged the piano accompaniment of Schubert’s Ständchen (D 921 [op. post. 135]) here for five pedal harps. The piece is originally written for alto or baritone solo singer, choir, and piano; with this new version, your harp class can join forces with the singing classes of your music school.

Rainer Templin

Schubert Ständchen


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