BegEnz – Beginner Harp Ensemble


BegEnz consists of 16 short and simple pieces, arranged by Anna Dunwoodie, designed for beginning harpists as an introduction to ensemble playing. Each of the pieces in the collection has a version one, which is an easy solo version of the tune; a version two, slightly harder; and a version three, harder again, or accompaniment. The versions can be played separately or together in any combination. The beginner harpist can play as much or little as they like when playing with other harpists while still developing their ensemble skills. See full contents, below.

This collection is available as a PDF download for $15.00.

Length: 59 pgs.

Note: This arrangement is available in U.S. Letter and A4 formats. Both files – one of each page size – are included for download when you purchase this collection.