Five more original solos brides will love!

Ready to give your wedding rep some new life? Check out these original solos we guarantee brides will love.

It’s that time of year again! Harpists are gearing up for busy wedding seasons, as brides are quickly rebooking their big days from last year. If you are fatigued of playing the same-old, same-old wedding repertoire year after year, this blog is for you. We are back again with five original solo suggestions that we feel are perfect for wedding ceremonies. Each piece on this list, written by a harpist, is guaranteed to bring new life to your wedding gig book and a smile to your bridal client’s face. In case you missed our first blog, check out Five Original Solos Brides Will Love!

Meg Robinson



Joy Slavens



Jodi Ann Tolman

Here With You



Stephanie Bennett

As its name suggests, “True Love’s Vow” makes the perfect addition to any wedding ceremony. Stephanie Bennett’s original romantic melody sounds like it is straight out of your favorite romantic movie, making it a great fit for a bridal party processional or grand bridal entrance.


Meg Robinson

This lively, uplifting melody by Meg Robinson is the perfect alternative to traditional recessionals. Confidently offer this piece as postlude music, as well, keeping the energy light and fun while guests make their way to cocktail hour.


Joy Slavens

Brides are getting creative these days when it comes to unity ceremonies and we’re starting to see them a lot more. Whether you have a request to play for a sand ceremony, unity candle lighting, knot tying, tree planting, wine mixing, etc., Joy Slavens’ very accessible piece, “Elegance,” is for you. Its flowing melody matches the right tone for intimate mid-ceremony moments. It can even be used for processionals, too.


Jodi Ann Tolman

Jodi Ann Tolman’s gentle and reflective piece “Here With You” would be the perfect touch to a wedding ceremony interlude or prayer moment. The calming melodies also lend well for prelude music.


Barbara Ann Fackler

Looking for new music to add to your repertoire for weddings, anniversaries, and other love-filled events? Look no further than this collection of five joyous, original pieces by Barbara Ann Fackler. Our personal favorite is “My Heart’s Treasure.”

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