Romance & Big Ben Song


Fabio Rizza’s original compositions “Romance” and “Big Ben Song” are for solo lever or pedal harp. Says the arranger, “Although these two pieces are born from different emotions, they are united by sensations related to the light of the sun. ‘Romance’ is tender and rosy, like a spring sunset when the air is lukewarm and fragrant. ‘Big Ben Song’ is bright and joyful, like walking across the Westminster Bridge as the sky clears after rain, letting through joyful morning light to illuminate the clock tower.”

This piece is a PDF download for $10.00

Length: entire PDF is 13 pgs; Romance is 3 pgs.; Big Ben Song is 3 pgs.

Duration: “Romance” is 3:00; “Big Ben Song” is 4:15

Note: This music is formatted for A4 paper size. Use the settings in your printer dialog box to get the best fit for your paper size.