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    teva benshlomo on #156566

    sorry no pictures yet, but i chose an ebony black glossy finish, with a spruce soundborad which has lovely wood inlay running down both sides of the soundboard. it is splendid!

    teva benshlomo on #156567

    Thanks Jerusha. since this harp is just what i was looking for, and i got my celestial sound, i decided to name her Celestina!!!!!!!

    teva benshlomo on #156568

    Hi tony, which Camac harp do you have- the Blue one? I am enthralled with my new harp- what a gorgeous sound my CELESTINA makes!!!!!!

    Nancy Palmer on #156569

    Yay! I believe I saw that harp while I was there. I’m going to give you a call; maybe I can come visit your baby in person? Congratulations!

    niina on #156570

    To anyone who is in the UK looking for a really great Clarsach, I can’t recommend Starfish Designs enough. Their Harps are glorious. I tried many Harps over a 6 month period from L&H and Salvi, then I met the Starfish team who came to my school, played their Harps and made a decision immediately to ask my parents for one. They have great volume and are built beautifully.
    I have heard a lot about the Dusty Strings Harps and would love to play one one day.

    This is me with my Mamore. (The acoustics are a bit bellowy in my kitchen).

    deb-l on #156571

    Nina, I had watched your video a few days ago, and you play very well, I was wondering what type of harp that is, thanks for posting the video, and congratulations on your lovely harp.

    niina on #156572

    Hi Deb, The Harp I’m playing in that video is a Starfish Mamore, which is the largest harp they make. I think the Glencoe is the most popular though. The other Harp I would like is a Mark Norris.

    teva benshlomo on #156573

    Hi nancy. You are always welcome to come visit me and to try playing CELESTINA. By the way,are you going to the HARPY NEW YEAR PARTY at CHArlenes house? I Hope so!!!!!!

    deb-l on #156574

    as lovely as that harp is Nina I’m even more impressed that you picked up that song by ear, after listening to it for just two weeks.

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