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    susan-koskelin on #256728

    I have a ‘real’ harp, which I love, but I am having trouble lifting it these days due to back problems. I have heard the Heartland harps online, and I have no trouble with their sound, and I do not have any of the prejudices against them that many ‘real’ harpists seem to have. If it comes to continuing to play or giving up the harp, I am happy to consider the Heartland Starlight. I know getting used to the light weight would be a challenge in playing, but that’s the reason I’m considering one in the first place!

    Gretchen Cover on #256731

    I don’t think harpists have a problem with a carbon fiber harp. I don’t. I would love to have a light harp. I just want a harp that sounds like a harp should and the Starlight does not. Try it out and then decide. Another harpist was with me and she felt the same way. Nice idea that does not work, in my opinion. If it ends up working for you, that’s great. I just would caution anyone to try it in person before spending such a huge amount of money.

    balfour-knight on #256761

    Please see the older blog I just revived about “Carbon Fiber Pedal Harps.”

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