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    jan-fetty on #156536

    Teva, your description

    jan-fetty on #156537

    Teva – check out

    brook-boddie on #156538

    Hi Teva,

    I don’t necessarily like the Thormahlens over the others (I love Dusty Strings harps!), but the Serenade just seemed to best fit your description of the sound that you are looking for.

    teva-benshlomo–2 on #156539

    Hi Jane, I will look into the Webster cecilia harp. I am really getting to understand how I need to try out these harps before coming to a decision. Thanks for the info!

    teva-benshlomo–2 on #156540

    Hi Brook! Please tell me MORE about the SERENADE. I was under the impression that it was more of a “beginner’s” harp, with a lesser quality and sound than some of the pricier models such as the dusty fh36s or the thormahlen swan or the triplett signature. Obviously, the lower price is an attraction for me, BUT since this purchase will likely be the ONLY harp I will ever buy, I want to make sure that i am making the right decision.

    brook-boddie on #156541

    Hi Teva,

    No, it’s definitely not lesser quality.

    sherry-lenox on #156542

    I bought a Serenade as my first harp. I don’t know how to say enough good things about it. It sounds absolutely wonderful, and when I bought it, that was my only thought, but if you go to the website you will find that you can get wonderful inlay and also flashy new colors, and still stick to your budget.

    The Serenade is not just a student harp. It is a wonderful instrument.

    Please check out the Thormahlen website. Hopefully you will be able to play a Serenade before you make your final decision.

    Sorry I said “wonderful” so many times, so just sub in “terrific” and “fabulous” a couple times and my prose will sound a lot better.

    Jerusha Amado on #156543

    Hi Teva,

    I just want to chime in and say that it’s very important to try the harp that you are going to buy, or if this isn’t possible, then have a knowledgeable harpist do it for you in person.

    teva-benshlomo–2 on #156544

    Hi Brooke, Sherry and Yerusha, Once again, thanks you for your invaluable inout regarding my pursuit to find a harp. It certainly makes sense that I try the instrument before i buy it. that is what I did with my keyboard, And with my guitars,and with those, i definitely made the right decisions.But in those cases, it was a no brainer, we have plenty of music stores nearby that carry those instruments, but i have never seen a harp sold in any of those stores, and curiously, to this day, i have never even touched a large floor harp. it was a big surprise and delight for me to hear that there is a Harp festival here in Florida in february, so i think that will be my best opportunity to try different harps. Hope i can hold out that long!!!!!!

    barbara-brundage on #156545

    If not, there’s a big event in Asheville the first weekend in October (usually many more vendors and a lot of harp makers), if you can find the time to drive that far:

    barbara-brundage on #156546

    And you’ll find a huge range of different harps in S FL, if you contact one of the teachers down there with a large studio. Charlene Conner would be in your area, and she has a whole gaggle of harps she rents out to students, in addition to all the various harps her students have.

    teva-benshlomo–2 on #156547

    Yes, Barbara, This very morning, i read about the event in Asheville, and I would love to go, but since I am recovering from recent knee surgery(right knee) driving is pretty much out of the question- but who knows? life is filled with so many unexpected twists and turns, maybe i will find a way to get there!!!!!!! Teva

    teva-benshlomo–2 on #156548

    Barbara, I still dont have a harp teacher. Now that you live in Florida, perhaps you know of or could recommend a teacher who is local to my area (West Broward- Ft lauderdale, West Boca, Coral Springs) or perhaps you have a list of teachers? I am interested in Folk/Celtic rather than classical!

    barbara-brundage on #156549

    Well, that’s an area where there just aren’t a lot of celtic players. I guess Marg Chauvin:

    although she’s up in Palm Beach county, or you could call Charlene and ask her for a recommendation. I don’t live down that way anymore, so there may be new people I don’t know.

    Lisa Kikol is in your general area, too, but I don’t know if she teaches. You might search on her name here and send her an email.

    Sorry to hear about your knee surgery. Hope the recovery goes quickly.

    deb-l on #156550

    Harps International has a showroom in St. Petersburg, is that too far for you?

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