Playing the Harp in Movies

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    David Ice on #111209

    That’s great!

    David Ice on #111210

    “Framed” is available on Netflix.

    Kathleen Clark on #111211

    An update to my “Beowulf” post. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but those who have say that there are two shots of Paul Baker playing the harp (they gave him long blond hair or something) in the two banquet scenes with some other musicians. Will have to wait for the DVD to get a real gander since they happen so fast, but he gets a big cast credit at the end as “Musician #1”!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #111212

    Casper Reardon has a solo segment in the movie “Young at Heart” which is posted on YouTube. See my thread on Casper for the link.

    David Ice on #111213

    Alas, this film is not available on DVD.

    carl-swanson on #111214

    Kathleen- Can you explain how to put a photo up here? I have a Mac by the way.

    Kathleen Clark on #111215

    Carl, you have to upload a .jpg photo from your computer into an internet account you have somewhere. There are a couple free sites you can use. I use Tripod. Most folks I know though use Photobucket. They make it pretty easy to upload.

    Okay, I just now went and joined Photobucket. They make it REAL easy. After you sign in a box automatically comes up on your album page for you to upload photos and it has a browse button next to it. Click that and you are in your computer. Pick a photo and “open” it and it uploads into Photobucket. A thumbnail of it then shows on your album page with a number of options under it. You want to select the “Direct Link” option which automatically copies the link for pasting into the image box (second icon from the right) on the Harp Column message edit page.

    Photobucket’s Help page has a ton of different tutorials you can browse with step by step instructions, so you always have that to fall back on at any time.


    1. Upload photo to Photobucket
    2. Select “Direct Link” under the thumbnail for that photo (that’s the url).
    3. Paste that url into the image box on

    Kathleen Clark on #111216

    Carl, just noticed that you can click on the thumbnails in Photobucket if you need to resize the photos. That’s handy. Haven’t tried it yet, but it’s handy. They have an option to link to message boards, but that format won’t work here. The image box here requires the Direct Link option.

    vince-pierce on #111217

    I just watched a clip of the Drew Carey show where his boss moves in with him and brings a gold LH 23, in. It’s hilarious!

    diane-michaels on #111218

    Not a harp sighting, just a hearing:

    I just watched “A Christmas Story” and the music playing as the snow falls on Christmas morning is the interlude from “A Ceremony of Carols.”

    unknown-user on #111219

    One of the funniest harp scenes is in the beginning of “The Magic Christian”, where Ringo Starr on alto recorder and Peter Sellers on harp are playing the Mozart flute-and-harp concerto.

    rod-anderson on #111220

    A film I didn’t switch off quickly enough had a plot line that involved the estranged and impoverished husband (who I think was the hero) being asked for money for harp lessons for the daughter, who clearly needed them because she was playing from the wrong side – ie sitting with the pillar next to her.

    barbara-brundage on #111221

    I just ran across “The Great Rupert” which features Terry Moore pretending to play a Clark Irish harp. Not a great film, but an interesting look at how one can construct a case for a Clark from newspaper. Also, one of the few harp and tuba duets you’ll ever hear, I’m sure.

    unknown-user on #111222

    Watch this one!:

    The funny thing is, I have heard this piece in concert many times.

    ninana-b on #111223

    I think nobody mentioned a french movie from the 80s with young sophie
    marceau (not sure about the spelling)-la boum(e) (again not sure about
    the spelling)- where sophie´s aunt is a harp teacher! so there are a
    few scenes with the harp.

    there is also a movie with john malkovich and joung uma thurman
    “Dangerous Liaisons” where uma thurman is learning how to play harp- it
    is a movie about the french royal class just before the french

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