Playing the Harp in Movies

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    David Ice on #111194


    Anonymous on #111195

    Anita Louise did indeed play the harp.

    sherry-lenox on #111196

    I just spent about 20 minutes with google and can’t find any reference other than “two children” of

    David Ice on #111197

    Hi Sam,

    BTW, thank you for your brilliant article in the last AHS Journal.

    Calista Anne Koch on #111198

    “The Other Sister” has a wedding harpist

    Serendipidy has a wedding harpist

    Annie – Grace plays the harp (on the wrong side) during “We’ve Got Annie”

    There also is a Shirly Temple movie, when she was a young adult where the love interest’s girl friend is a harpist and performs for a garden full of listeners

    The Kay Kendall/ Yul Brenner movie – “One More Time with Feeling” is a hoot!

    unknown-user on #111199

    Does anyone know where Harpo’s harp is now? In a museum or something?


    john-strand on #111200

    here is a clip from Our Man Flint – the bad lady takes the place of the harpist in mid song, and uses a string a la Harpo to shoot a poisoned needle at someone!!!! Oh, well, it is in color and the first harpist looks like she is actually playing – maybe some of you will recognize her – looks a bit like Gayle Levant to me – – –

    David Ice on #111201

    Thanks John!

    barbara-brundage on #111202

    That’s funny, David. I looked at it and thought, “Oh yes, I’ve seen that before–it must have been in one David Ice’s presentations. ” 😉

    Anonymous on #111203

    Thank you David, for your very kind words about the AHJ article.

    john-strand on #111204

    How about Music For Millions – 1944?

    paul-wren on #111205

    Isn’t there a scene in The Human Comedy where Fay Bainter plays a harp in her home?

    barbara-brundage on #111206

    Yes, it’s such a hoot. A humble little working class cottage and a big fancy style 11 (I think–something shiny, anyway). She’s always talking to the kids through the strings and there’s a voiceover i one scene about thanking God for various things, including “the harp in the parlor.”

    catherine-rogers on #111207

    I don’t remember now where I read this, but I believe his widow Susan donated two of his harps to a conservatory in Israel. Of course he probably had many other instruments over the course of his career.

    Kathleen Clark on #111208

    Hey, David,

    I just saw Paul Baker playing harp live, Godefroid’s “Romance Without Words (Bois Solitaire)” in the 1990 movie “Framed” starring Jeff Goldblum and Kristin Scott Thomas. He’s playing at an outdoor engagement party and there are a couple of closeups of him while he is playing it which is really cool. On the DVD it is in Chapter 7, “Wealth.” It’s sort of funny how they lead up to it. Jeff and his sidekick are crashing the party through bushes and the sidekick is ranting on about “…not to harp on this…” and then they hear the harp through the bushes… “Hey, do you hear a HARP?”

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