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    kay-lister on #162258

    I have a 9 mth. old

    Evangeline Williams on #162259

    Sometimes my dog will fuss if I’m in another room playing an instrument (she is limited to the den, laundry room, bathroom and kitchen), and so i’ll open the gate and let her wander in.

    tony-morosco on #162260

    I had a cat once that would sit on my leg while I played and just watch my hands fascinated.

    My teacher had a beautiful Shepard named Polaris that would always come sit near the base of the harp when ever anyone started to play. A great dog, but I always left my lessons with dog hair all over my pant legs.

    diane-michaels on #162261

    When I adopted my first standard poodle through poodle rescue, they added one question to my application: “So you want a musical poodle?”

    lisa-green on #162262

    My husband, who is a clarinetist, has long despaired that our dog
    doesn’t like his playing. “I can’t believe I have a little girl who
    couldn’t care less about music,” he always says. Actually, the sound is
    probably too loud or piercing for her–she usually goes to the farthest
    part of the house from where he’s practicing.

    On the other hand, she’s very relaxed near me when I’m practicing. Good
    dog–she appreciates the harp. It’s become a joke between my husband
    and me now.


    Audrey Nickel on #162263

    My cat is utterly devoted to my harp…to the point where he gets upset
    when I leave the house with it to go to lessons (he loves all over the
    case when I come home!).

    paul-wren on #162264

    I use to have the most hyper weimeriner in all the world, but when I sat down to practice, she would come in, find a place, lay down, and start snoring.

    I now have 4 dogs! ugh! I love em all. When I get home and feed them, they are so excited and jumping all over the place. They play with each other and make all kinds of noise.

    I will sit to practice, about after 2 hours. I quit. The house is silent! I look and all four are near by sleeping or just laid out totally relaxed.

    I hope that is a

    harpglo-jean on #162265

    My usually hyper Standard Schnauzer, “Scotty” also seems to immediately calm down when I begin to play, and ends up asleep on his back with all four paws in the air..it’s quite a site……ditto on, “music does calm the savage beast.”

    Sherj DeSantis on #162266

    I live with Ricky Ricardo, a tri-colored rough collie, who likes nothing better than to lay as close as possible to me while I play my folk harp. It is an almost nightly ritual with him. I have

    gorman-jones on #162267

    I have a small pipe organ and a harpsichord

    unknown-user on #162268

    Whenever I sit down to practice, my dog joins me.

    Leigh Griffith on #162269

    I used to have a cat who loved to listen to the harp. She would sit
    next to me and look from me to the harp over and over until I got the
    hint. When it was her time to go, I played the harp for her while she
    was dying and my husband was caressing her. He let me know when she was
    gone. It was the least we could do for her.

    Also, one time we were visiting friends and I brought the harp along.
    We were sleeping on the living room floor next to the harp. I woke up
    to hearing the strings being brushed very lightly, opened my eyes, and
    by the light of a street lamp saw one of their cats tentatively
    brushing a couple strings at a time and looking curiously at the harp.
    No claws were out, it was just fascinated that it could make the sound.

    My husky/lab mix is afraid of the lap harp because I was playing
    outside once and sat it down for a moment. The dog inched closer and
    was sniffing at the harp when a gust of wind stirred the strings. She
    fell over herself trying to back away because the harp played itself!

    unknown-user on #162270

    my cat doesn’t love the harp… its more she loves me and she comes around where ever i am whenever i’m at home, which is rare these days…. but the last time she entered my study to listen.. i made sure i’ll always close the door behind me well…. you see.. when i study.. i do so in the dark, expect for white light on the book and harp so i’m not really aware of what’s going on in other parts of the study… the last time the cat came in, she decided she wanted to listen to me by sitting on the piano keys… she just jumped from floor up onto the keys… which obviously created a loud bang on the piano.

    Pat Eisenberger on #162271

    One of my Shelties likes to cuddle up to my harp when I’m not playing. The other one, Duncan, is quite unusual. He is extremely timid and fearful. Something which we are working on daily and seeing small improvements.

    When we’d only had him a few days, we were out ridding in the car. There was rock music on and he was, as usual, shaking like a leaf. I decided to turn the station to classical, and he immediately stopped shaking! I turn the station back to rock, and he started shaking again. At first he didn’t like my harp playing (everyone’s a critic!) but now he ignores it.

    We’ve since discovered that he is very sensitive to noises. I’ve even had someone ask me if he could be autistic! I am now a faithful fan of the Dog Whisperer, and using his techniques I’m seeing Duncan slowly become more confident. We are trying obedience class (for the second time) next Saturday. Wish us luck!

    Denise Krasicki on #162272

    All the years the girls were taking lessons and practicing our dog(s) would come in and lay next to the harps and stay there as long as they were playing.

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