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    Thanks to Briggs….she is a great pal of the computer illiterate! We scratched our head for hours trying to do this! And finally gave up and sent it off to Briggsie…

    Do post any piccies of any harps that you want to on this thread…



    Yay! The minstrel harp is on! This is my little minstrel harp made out of New Zealand red beech…..

    Anyone please do put harp piccies on this thread…ones of unusual, new, or any sort of harp is fine with me.


    Curly?? Is that you??? Love your minstrel harp. It’s a beautiful big thing!! I bet it sounds great. Did you use Photobucket to post it? Ya done good, Wurls!

    Here is my Trouabadour…..setting in front of our 7′ Pleyel (ooooh baby….what a fab piano). This is before Troubie was redone.


    Ooww, that Troubador is very medieval looking, it must be an oldish one as they are not as curly wurly these days…Gorgeous.The piano is gorgeous too, and the Monet….

    Yes, I finally followed your directions and after six failed attempts got it to load from the photo bucket. Technology is so stressful!

    Now we have to talk Brook into showing us the Ana!


    Oh but I’m not done!!! Here is Troubie with Briggs just now….the picture on the wall is a pastel done by one of my former students when she found out I was mourning the loss of Loki my pup in the 80’s/early 90’s.

    …and here are the new levers…. Yeah this is an oldie. I got it from a friend who bought it used in the late 70’s. I called L&H to ask about it, and they said 1976 or 1977.


    This is my old Salvi, picture taken at its last gig at the town hall before I sold it….


    Oooowow! That’s a beautiful harp….only one thing that would make me crazed and that’s the lack of hand room at the upper strings. How did you do it?

    Okay….something else impresses me here…..a pipe organ in the town hall? Now THAT is cool.


    Hi Briggsie and Ro,

    Wow–what great pictures!!!


    Briggsie = June Z.? I can’t quite remember, either. And Rosemary, you should add a picture of you, too! You’re one of the only regulars here that we haven’t seen! And your 17 looks lovely. I love when they get older and turn that nice dark color. 🙂 Excited for you!

    Jerusha Amado


    Briggs is June Z.


    I am June, yes, Vince. Yes Brook that’s a Troubadour I. I paid $300 for it from a friend. It sounded nice, but the pins slipped terribly and the performance levers were all junked out. Tom Bell put oversized pins on and added the Camac levers for me. It is such a nice harp now. It really sounds beautiful. Tom said it was in really good shape for such an old harp and he thought it made sense to do what I wanted done to it. It wasn’t cheap, but it made a formerly pretty bad harp really really nice.



    I can’t remember Frilly’s actual name, but she posted as Mimi for awhile before she went to Frilly.

    Jerusha Amado

    If Frilly is Mimi, then who’s Pippin Took?

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