Five Star Winners!

Want to know what music our customers most enjoy playing and recommend to others? Check out these five star winners that got rave reviews. Here’s what customers had to say about them…

Willow Weeping in the Wind

by Laura Zaerr
“Once you start working on this piece, you won’t want to stop. Its haunting melody and rolling, rhythmic sway stays with you long after hearing/playing it. If only all ‘etudes’ were like this!”

Estrella & Luminescence

by Fabio Rizza
“I am learning ‘Estrella,’ such a beautiful piece, I can’t wait start ‘Luminescence.’ It’s nice to find pieces of such beauty without being overly complicated.”

Irish Coffee

by Meg Robinson
“This has made the staying-at-home easier on me. It’s a fun piece, easy enough to learn, and very pleasant to play and listen to.


by Liana Alpino
“This is a perfect solo for intermediate harpists or to use for gigs in almost any setting. It provides just enough of a challenge but can be learned in a short amount of time…”

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

arr. Katherine Thomas
“This is lovely, well marked, and easy to read. I’m excited to learn and use it.”


by Kirsten Agresta Copely
“This piece gives me such joy to play. It is suitable for any time of year, not just during the holidays. It is beautiful, uplifting, and is well laid out. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to freshen up their playlist.”

When the World Paused

by Amanda Whiting
“I love this collection…  It is a very lever and pedal harp friendly collection, so you can relax and improvise. I have enjoyed playing through all the pieces and will definitely be adding these to my set list!”


by Rhett Barnwell
“A beautiful piece; rewarding to play.”

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