Fall Into New Music

Fall into new music with these Harp Column Music originals inspired by the fall season.

Fall is finally here! I adore the crisp air, the woodland creatures everywhere, the changing colors of landscapes, and the cooler temperatures. This playlist of fall-inspired original compositions was made to help get you into the seasonal spirit.

(Titles marked with an * are playable on lever harp.)

*Shades of Autumn

by Pippa Reid-Foster

With such a fitting name, of course this piece had to make this list! l really enjoy the space in this composition. It is quite meditative, allowing you to breathe in the music and the fall season. Reid-Foster says the arpeggios in this piece seek to capture “all those beautiful colors of nature during the autumn weeks.”

When Trees Dance

by Alexandra Genova

This playful piece has me imagining fairy gardens and an enchanted forest of dancing trees in the fall breeze.

*Autumn Colors

by Aiga Helmer

Here is another piece representing the changing colors during the fall season. The harmonies in this piece remind me of moving from September to October and the excitement that comes with entering “spooky season.”

*Two Watercolors

by Mitch Landy

This set includes two relaxing, contemplative pieces perfect for gigging or church settings. In the first piece, “Autumn Reverie,” the lush downward rolled chords remind me of leaves slowly falling from trees. 

*A Walk in the Woods

by Kathryn Cater

I absolutely adore this collection and recommend it for students and professionals alike. All of the pieces evoke imagery of woodsy landscapes with their beautiful melodies. There is also a fun tango included—and for some reason tangos always feel appropriate in the month of October to me!

Someplace Warm

by Gary Schocker

It is impossible to not feel relaxed while playing this piece. Written for the mid range of the harp, this piece has a lovely, warm tone—perfect for the fall season when you want to be curled up under a blanket at home. Its soft, jazzy harmonies are so comforting.

*The Sugarlands Waltz

by Liana Alpino

For me, I always associate the fall season with hiking. That is the time of year that I enjoy getting outside and seeing the lovely fall landscapes that Tennessee’s mountains have to offer. I was inspired to write this sweet little waltz after a whimsical hike in the Smoky Mountain National Park.

*Woodland Creatures

by Kimberly Taylor

This suite of beginner pieces is really fun for the fall semester. Each piece in the suite represents a different animal from a deer, to a woodpecker, a porcupine, and more through its rhythms and melodies mimicking the sound of each woodland animal. 

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