Sight Reading for Harp, Book 3


“Sightreading for Harp, Book 3” by Anna Dunwoodie and Lisa Williamson is the third installment in a series of books designed to give harp students practice in sightreading. Book 3 is written for intermediate to advanced players and contains 90 exercises. There are separate versions of the collection for lever and pedal harps, which are based on the same material but altered to suit the different requirements of each instrument. The exercises demand technical skills as expected at this level such as etouffes, 4-fingered arpeggios, glissando, polyrhythms, pres de la table, xylophonics, harmonics, lever changes and slides and increasingly difficult pedal changes and pedal slides. The use of mixed meter, irregular beat divisions, and a wide range of tonality including bitonal, whole tonal, atonal and modal music gives variety to the exercises which increase in length throughout the book. As in the previous books, the lever and pedal pre-settings are indicated at the start of each exercise and there are explanatory notes for some of the technique. In an effort to move the music from the realm of an exercise into real music, some of the exercises have titles and become short programmatic pieces.

This book is a PDF download available in the following combinations:

  • Lever harp version: $20.00
  • Pedal harp version: $20.00

Length: Lever version is 82 pgs.; Pedal version is 86 pgs.

Note: Each book is formatted for both U.S. Letter and A4 paper sizes. Both files are included for download with your purchase.