Sight Reading for Harp, Book 1


“Sightreading for Harp, Book 1” by Anna Dunwoodie and Lisa Williamson is a resource book designed for student harpists by two teachers to give beginning students practice in sightreading. These exercises are all original compositions and can be easily taught or practiced on a daily basis. The 250 four and eight-measure exercises are divided into four sections, progressing from very easy exercises to more advanced, with quarter notes being the shortest note. With a few exceptions, chords are not used. This book is suitable for lever and pedal harp, however there are frequent key signature changes from exercise to exercise. A must for every teacher to include in conditioning, and nurturing the young harpist!

This book is available as a PDF download for $20.00.

Length: 50 pgs.

Note: This book is formatted for both U.S. Letter and A4 paper sizes. Both files are included for download with your purchase.