Renaissance Suite (Harp and Flute)


Alyssa Reit has arranged this collection of tunes from the Renaissance for Flute or Violin and pedal Harp. Some pieces can be played on lever harp. (Note: this collection is identical to the suite arranged for harp and horn, except arranged for flute.) It includes the addition of counter-melodies, melodic embellishment, and harmonizations intended to honor the spirit of the Renaissance. The selections can be played successfully both as a suite or independently. Great program opener! Included are:

“All in a Garden Green”
“Earl of Essex Galliard”
“It Was a Lover and His Lass”
“Wolsey’s Wilde”

This collection is a PDF download available as a Complete Set for: $30.00
(Includes score with harp part and separate flute part.)

Length: score with harp part is 19 pgs.; flute part is 11 pgs.