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    John McK

    Blonde, officially. The neck is unstained maple, but the column is something darker – cherryish???


    I live in Tempe Arizona, where we enjoy fabulously hot hot (but it’s a dry heat!!!) hot summers and the most beautiful fall, winter and spring days imaginable.

    Kathleen Clark

    I live in Pasadena, California. Other info is in my profile. I’m thinking along the same line as Victor, it would be nice if more folks filled out their profile, that way we all would have the latest info for everybody!

    Fearghal McCartan

    Fearghal McCartan, Newcastle, Co. Down, Northern Ireland (Though hopefully by September I will be in Edinburgh, Scotland

    missy lannon

    hi, karin!


    My name is Holly Brennan and I am living in the SoMD area…I’ve been playing for two years (I picked up harp as a college elective, and fell in love).

    This Saturday I am getting my Lyon and Healy Style 100….I am so excited!!!!


    I live in Raleigh North Carolina 2 hours from the beach and 3 hours from the mountains.

    Curls, I am to glad to hear you got a beautiful harp. I went to Virginia Harp Center to look around for you but it appears you have been graced with a beautiful harp sent straight to you! Congrats and happy practicing! : )


    Hello, everyone! I live in


    Ooowww, Holly do tell us all when you get it. I have a 100 and they are a beautiful and graceful model and mine has the best sound! (What finish are you getting….mine it Mahogeny)

    There is an old thread about style 100’s, feel free to resurrect it and put your 100 on it when it comes, as its nice for people to have a record of those that play a certain model if they are interested. And it’s kind of like a club, isn’t it??!!




    That’s so kind of you! I tried to contact you not so long ago, but see you have been out and about! I enjoyed your blog immensley, so nice to have something so professional and relevant posted. I hope to hear so much more from you.



    Hi Rosemary,

    Thanks for the postcards from Tasmania my kids really loved them! I was at the Virginia Harp Center to drop off a harp that a friend is selling there on consignment. I loved trying out all the harps – it was really fun and of course I ended up buying lots of music. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I did look at the harps for you while I was there but it appears you hit the jackpot. It’s funny, sometimes the harp finds you. Enjoy !


    Hi Laura,

    How old are the tin lids? (kids!) Next time I send you a piccie I’ll try and get one right for their age! Glad you had a great trip to Virginia. I’ve heard they are nice people at the Virginia harp centre, they like harpists!



    Where in Houston do you live? We live in Katy & I work in the Galleria area.

    I’m originally from Cincinnati but have been in Houston for 25 years. I
    sometimes arrange music to accompany our church choir mostly at Easter
    & Christmas. I’ve done some solo work with various results. I can
    sight-read singing at the mic but playing the harp in public can still
    freak me out.

    We hope to retire at our property in Brevard, NC in 5-7 years.

    Alice Rethlake


    Hi Rosemary,

    My kids are 10, 12,and 15. Your postcards inspired a trip to the atlas!

    They all remarked that Tasmania is cool! They wondered if you had seen any Tasmanian Devils?



    We are on the same side of town.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 126 total)
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