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    Sarah Mullen

    The theme from “Somewhere in Time”.


    “Last Date” by Floyd Kramer (or is it Cramer?).


    My latest weird processional request is Far Away- Nickelback.

    Karen Johns

    Maybe it’s time to dust off the ol’ electric guitar….


    This weekend, I’m playing the theme from “Twilight” the vampire saga.




    Send in the Clowns for the groom and groomsmen (more than one wedding)

    “Love Theme from Rocky” for the groom’s entrance — we found something else to substitute; it sounds too much like the “Theme from Rocky” which every marching band in the country has played on a football field at one time or another

    “Darth Vader’s Theme” for the groom’s entrance — we found something else; it’s hard for me to sound like a full symphony orchestra brass section

    ZZ Tops “Gimme All Your Lovin'” — I’m finishing that arrangement this week. When I finally found a ‘lullaby’ version on the Internet and sent part of an MP3 to the bride to show her what it would sound like, she LOVED it and still wanted it!

    I’ve seen the “Gift of Love” words to the “Water is Wide”, but I usually demur on “Greensleeves,” “She Moved Through the Fair,” and “The Ash Grove” because of the words.


    Janelle, do you have to play Bella’s Lullaby?

    Sarah Mullen

    There really is no accounting for taste.


    Years ago, I was asked to play “We’ve Only Just Begun” for a very pregnant bride. Fortunately, the music director at Holy Name Cathedral backed me up in my assessment that i couldn’t play it because clearly she had not “just begun” but was almost finished! However, I continually am amazed at the number of brides who want the Arioso from Bach’s Cantata # 156 – the words of which are to the effect of “Here I stand with one foot in the grave”! I was also once asked to play the March of the Gladiators when the mothers of the couple were walking down the aisle. That didn’t happen either … haha.

    Susan TN

    As a violinist, I played “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria” (from The Sound of Music) for a recessional.


    In a two year period I played the Love Theme from Deer Hunter, music from Alien (Howard Hansen’s 2nd Symphony) and theme from Karate Kid 2.

    Was asked to play I Feel Good, James Brown, but somehow just couldn’t figure that one out. They ended up with a recording.

    I gave up pedal harp a few years ago because of my bad back and then took up bassoon. I was married a couple of months ago and

    barbara kraichy

    Has anyone been requested to play “alleluia” from Shrek for a bride? That’s a new one for me.

    Barbara Kraichy

    M Rodgers

    I did an all Disney wedding at a Catholic church which has since changed it’s policy. The bride insisted on “Beauty and the Beast” as her processional and they walked out to “A whole New World”. I had to play ‘Someday My Prince Will Come,” “I’m Wishing”, “La La lu”, etc…think the Disney Song book and I played it all as either prelude or postlude.

    Lately tons of Over the Rainbow or Wonderful World. L. Cohen’s Halleluiah is a close 3rd.

    Last week was Jason Mraz “Lucky” for the processional and “I’m Yours” for the recessional

    and I still get tons of requests for Metallica “Nothing Else Matters” for the prelude.

    funny thing is now the “Little Fountain” is popular because it is a video game theme….who knew?


    How about “Wang-Dang Doodle?”

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