The gestation of a harp

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    Audrey Nickel on #155100

    Just to add, there’s plywood and there’s plywood.

    Karen Johns on #155101

    I agree with Audrey- my Voyageur has the same sandwiching of cherry in both the neck and pillar, and each piece is at least a 1/2 inch thick. The soundboard plywood is very thin layers of aircraft birch.


    Liam M on #155102

    It is intriguing Karen as I have been studying the theory of the wire harps, the thicker the sound board, the longer the sustain. What appears to heppen is the soundboard absorbs the energy that maintains the sustain. I have duplicated this with my brass soundboard experiments.

    michael-rockowitz on #155103


    michael-rockowitz on #155104


    Oops – I forgot to include the page with the picture of the plywood neck from Dreamsinger harps.

    Karen Johns on #155105

    Liam- Both of my current

    Tacye on #155106

    The tension is governed by the vibrating length of the string, which ends where the string enters the hole in the soundboard so string rib thickness should not affect the tension.

    Audrey Nickel on #155107

    That’s true, Michael…I’d forgotten about his mahogany harps.


    michael-rockowitz on #155108

    I find myself wondering if your assertion is correct, that the vibrating length of the string on the harp “ends where the string enters the hole in the soundboard.”

    michael-rockowitz on #155109

    Hi to all-

    I just got my book written by Jerry Brown, on harp construction and design.

    Tacye on #155110

    Michael, you are confused with lateral and transverse vibrations.

    michael-rockowitz on #155111

    Hi Tacye,

    I am no physicist, nor an engineer, and unfortunately, my grasp of physics is not at all advanced.

    bernhard-schmidt on #155112

    Maybe we could come to the conclusion that we

    Tacye on #155113

    What I hope you are trying to express is that the boundary conditions for the string, which are assumed by simple theory to be perfectly rigid end points, cannot be so in practice (as the soundboard is moving or there would be no sound) and therefore objects beyond the main vibrating length of the string can have an effect on the vibration.

    michael-rockowitz on #155114

    Tacye and Bernhard,

    You both seem to be saying the same thing, and you both are far more expert in these matters than I am, so I am guessing that you are probably right, and I am mistaken.

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