The gestation of a harp

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    michael-rockowitz on #155085

    This is kind of my answer to Audrey Nickel’s post below, “The birth of a harp.”

    Karen Johns on #155086

    Well good for you, Michael! I commend anyone who wants to take the plunge and builds their own harp.

    I do suggest looking into Musicmaker’s (

    Audrey Nickel on #155087

    Sounds like a fun project!

    Liam M on #155088


    bernhard-schmidt on #155089

    Hallo Michael,

    just check this

    I’m planning on making the neck and column all from 3 1/2″ pieces of plywood, starting with rougly the correct shape (i.e., an “L” at an acute angle).

    Liam M on #155090


    michael-rockowitz on #155091

    Hello to all!

    The enormity of this project is beginning to hit me.

    bernhard-schmidt on #155092

    Hallo Liam,

    generally it is an issue of stiffness if the string diameter is in a badly relation to the string lengt, string thickness and Frequency.

    I dont know what you mean by MPL


    jennifer-buehler on #155093

    I think Bernhard said that the column is never made of plywood.

    jennifer-buehler on #155094

    I also meant to mention that the string tension is fairly light and may have an impact on the construction of the harp.

    Liam M on #155095


    bernhard-schmidt on #155096


    I mentioned it to

    michael-rockowitz on #155097


    I was thinking of a different tension – but yes, I see, from the point of view of the torsion from the neck, the plywood column would be more likely to bend/break, and would be weaker (although I’m not sure if the 50% figure is quite right).

    michael-rockowitz on #155098

    Hi to all,

    To state the probably obvious – only the first paragraph above is directed to Bernhard

    Karen Johns on #155099

    From my experience building three harp kits, the internal rib does taper in width as it goes up in a larger harp, but is straight in both of my smaller(lap) harps. The external rib does not. With both of my Musicmaker harps I do not have an external rib- this may be due to the fact that it is more of an aesthetic rather than structural necessity. The internal rib of my nylon strung harp is 5-ply aircraft birch, while the wire-strung has a solid walnut strip.

    You can download pdf files of all the Musicmaker harp

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