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    Your doctor will most likely delay your return to (very limited) playing harp for 4 weeks, and then allow you to begin building your time to normal playing time after 6 weeks post-op. You’ll still need PT, and be looking now for one who specializes in working with musicians. Talk to some local professional or semi-professional musicians (harpists, pianists, string instrument players) and get some recommendations. No two therapists are the same! Wishing you a great outcome!


    I live in Chicago but… I’m going home to Rockford to recover after the surgery
    At least I’ve got some friends who are willing to stop by & see me at home
    I wish I knew some more harpists/musicians to help me with my situation I don’t know too many musicians in the Chicago aria
    BTW I’m going to have to stop PT & OT while I on surgery leave
    Maybe you might know some harpists/musicians in the Chicago aria who can help me
    I’ll see what I can do with my harp teachers too
    Who knows they might be able to help out too


    I’ve found the balance point for my pedal harp!!!!!!! I’ll have to try this on my irish harp too
    My harp teacher says that I can use 1 of my many stuffed animals & bellevue me it really works.
    I’m still squashed under my harps but… now I can use a stuffed animal.
    If only I knew how to send pics to HC then I can show you the before & after


    You can find those harps as second-hand instruments, when available.


    UPDATE!!!!!!!!! I’m going to the Dr’s on monday I’ve got to have some pics taken & some more documentation Please prey


    NO luck with the surgery
    I’ve lost more than the 10 pounds nessessary for the surgery & then my drs. said its all for looks they don’t believe I’ve got skoolesious in my upper & middle back

    I hate to sell my 85 GP harp for a smaller harp but.. I may have to go that rout if i don’t get some HELP for my back


    I am sorry that the solution you hoped for is not working out – but hope you can find something which does work.

    My first suggestion is have you recently had a really expert bra fitting. Anyone know who the US equivalent of Rigby and Peller or Bravissimo is?

    Secondly, has your physiotherapist actually watched you play the harp? Someone who is an expert on movement and bodies should try to help you before you take the big decision to sell. Alexander technique, physiotherapy or pilates all might be able to help, but need to work with you with both your harp and usual chair or stool.


    YES she has seen me behind my harp but I don’t think she knew what she was doing & NOW there is NO more PT till next year & each time its somebody new & dozen’t know about the harp

    NO I’ve never ben fitted before
    Do u know of any places in Chicago IL. where I can get my first fitting???????????????????????????????

    I really don’t want to sell my harp named Gina I’ve gotten to know her & if I sell her I’d only 1 harp for a LONG TIME


    I had a FUN harp lesson on wednesday
    My harp teacher says I’m still not sitting right when I play harp & she says thats why my back is KILLING me
    Do any of u know of any thing/s to help me sit straighter so i can play for longer peroids of time
    YES I’ve already got my harp bench & if I get it lowered I feel squashed under the wait of my pedal harp but… if I get it as high as it’ll go than I can’t reach that DARN A pedal on my harp

    Gretchen Cover

    Mia, have your mother call Lyon-Healy to see if they or some other company can make pedal extenders for you. I have seen some children in youtube clips who play a concert grand and have special metal pedals clipped over the regular harp pedals. It is more important that you sit correctly at your harp so you do not further bother your back. Meantime, you might ask your teacher to have you play music that has no pedal changes or maybe just the pedals you can reach. If all else fails, there is a huge amount of music that can be played on a lever harp.


    thank GOD I’ve got L&H in my phone
    I’m going to give L&H a call tomorrow & ask about the pedal extenchens just for the A pedal
    I can reach the rest of them with NO problem
    I’ve got 2 harp teachers 1 comes to me & the other I go home to see

    I have 1 of each 1 is a lever harp & the other is a pedal harp which is here with me & the first 1 is at home
    I wish I knew more lever harp music
    I’d have to get a new set of bass wires for my lever harp the harp is going to be 8 years old at the end of november of this year

    Gretchen Cover

    Mia, I found out that pedal extenders are available at for $20 each. The phone number is 800-870-3167. The website warns the extenders could harm your harp so be sure to ask about that when you talk to Lyon Healy.


    If your harp teacher says you aren’t sitting right, but can’t work out how to correct the problem can she help find you someone who can? Perhaps have both harp teacher and a posture and movement specialist watching you at the same time?

    Where I am I would expect to pay about twice the cost of a harp lesson for the movement help, and from your pain it would probably help your playing more, even if you needed to cancel a couple of harp lessons to afford it.

    And as Gretchen points out, if you can comfortably play your harp except the A pedal, playing music which doesn’t need you to change that pedal sounds really sensible.


    Hmmmmmmmm I’d have to reright the prelude in C
    because it has the A&D sharp
    I nearly get enough nonie to pey for 2 harp lessons each month so how would I pay for somebody to come & help me with my back?????????????????
    Maby bringing my lever harp up to stay here might be a good idea
    25lbs is a lot better on my back than 69lbs
    But I don’t know much lever harp music
    I’d have to talk to my harp teachers about bringing Gina my pedal harp home & switching her with Emily my lever harp
    Some of Emily’s levers get stuck


    If I were you and had to choose I would pay for help with pain and have no harp lessons for a little – but it is your choice. I am sure your teachers would understand if helping you is beyond their knowledge.

    This person is in Paris, but there must be people with similar expertise closer to you.

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