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    I think getting the PT involved is definitely a good idea, especially with the scoliosis and CP. Will the surgery help the scoliosis issues? A PT may be able to help you more with proper bench and music stand height for your needs. Also, if you have issues with muscle spasticity or hypotonia, a PT will be able to prescribe appropriate stretching excercises for you. Good luck and let us know how things work out.


    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the surgery will help
    NO I don’t wear heals because my feet are too small
    I’m a size 2&1/2 in kids shoos & I’m NOT making this up
    I’m not shore what kind of CP I’ve got but… some days are better than others especially when I’m practicing harp & or on my TV/computer
    Having CP can be a real pain in the harmonic curve”neck”
    Lets just say if I don’t get the surgery & if I bend over to get something off the floor I could FALL over & NOT be able to get up on my own without somebody to help me back onto my feet
    Thats already happened to me where I was getting out of the eleaveter & I tripped over sombodyelses foot & thankfully he was there to help pick me up
    So now you can see why everyday I could fall & NOT be able to get back up on my feet
    BTW I don’t use a music stand
    I can’t see enough to read music
    I have to go by ear & memory
    I’ve got to mack my TV/computer screen bigger just to type & for reading I use voiceover on my iPhone & iPad


    Good News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m having PT & OT next Tuesday
    This will help my BAD back & CP
    The PT will stranthen my musicals in my back & the OT will loosen the ones in my hands & feet
    They may extend it for a longer time than the 12 weeks if necessary & help with some other things I need help with
    they may have some ideas to help me be a better harpist/harper


    My 18 year old daughter was having a lot of upper back pain with playing her 85 CG rental this past year, and was having difficulty pedaling. She’s 5’3″ and wears a size 4-1/2 shoe. When she returned her rental, she tried out many harps and decided on a Venus 44 string Prodigy and bought a pair of Capezio Jr. style 550 dance shoes with heels. Prodigy has a lower center of gravity, is much lighter, and strings and pedals are slightly closer than a L&H 85 design. Seems to taken care of her problems. And her playing is much smoother. Good luck! And PT is a good idea, too!


    Capezio Jr. heeled dance shoes might come in your size. My daughter wears these in a 4-1/2 and they work very well.


    Well… I start PT tomorrow & OT the next day
    Can you give me the web sight for those shoos
    Unfortunately I don’t know how to add pics to this post
    I do have some good angles though


    My daughter found them on If they don’t have your size, you can check with a local dance school for a store’s name in your area. They were reasonable. Under $50. Good luck with PT!


    Just checked The smallest size they have is a 4. But these run just a little narrow for smaller feet, and they might work. They are $40 shipping free and if they don’t fit, you can return them free. Hope they work. They are the Capezio Jr. footlight model.


    I’m not a woman, but it does sound to me like you are too short to support the weight and size of a large harp, and the smallest would be better. The old style 14 would be a better fit, of Lyon & Healy. When you pull the harp back, a percentage of its weight will go right down your spine. And if you have scoliosis, then the pressure will be unevenly distributed and affect some discs more than others. Back surgery is a very serious business, and does not always have the best results. There is a difference between having an orthopedic surgeon and a neuro-surgeon as well. If you haven’t tried a serious weight-loss program first, which could reduce certain dimensions, I would not do surgery as the first option. Lidocaine patches can reduce the pain safely. Abdominal core exercises are of the utmost importance.


    I don’t think L&H makes that harp anymore
    I’m losing the wait but… Due to my BAD back & CP
    the wait loss just isn’t enough thats why I need the surgery
    BTW it’ plastic sugary & it’s medically necessary
    My harp is a style 85 GP harp
    I was looking for the 85 XP harp but…
    L&H quit making those harps too
    I have a Shamrock lever harp too that L&H doesn’t make
    I just started PT & OT

    Sonya Wiley

    Hi Mia, have you looked at Marta Cook Shut Up And Play-Harp on youtube? She has videos to help you sit properly and relax at the harp. You might want to join her site of the same name. Very helpful videos for everyone!



    The doc that I work for does the “Reduction” surgery that I’m sure you are talking about. Believe me, the ladies INSTANTLY feel better! Even on the recovery table, they have commented that their neck, shoulder, and back pain are gone – REALLY!

    That being said, I’m thinking that because of the situation, you can’t pull the harp into your body as close as it should be and therefore, it’s lying on top of you instead of resting against your shoulder. I understand that you must do this so you can reach the strings.

    Rest assured my dear, that all will improve after your surgery and you will find a whole new way of holding your harp. DON’T push yourself AFTER your surgery. Give yourself the healing time that the doc advises you. You will be healing from the inside out and you don’t want to mess things up. Work on range of motion first!

    Good luck to you and I’ve seen how this surgery has literally changed lives! You will be able to do SO much more.



    Kay have you had that surgery done to you???????????????????
    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the harp is right on top
    of me & that’s why I’m feeling squashed under my harps
    I also have NO feeling in my feet so if I step on
    somebody else’s feet it’s cause I can’t see my
    feet nor feel somebody else’s feet under mine
    Yes it does make it a challenge to play
    the pedals on a pedal harp
    If only I knew how to post pics on
    here so you could see what I mean by
    being squashed under my harps


    No Mia, I haven’t had THAT particular surgery done. Just spinal and cervical fusions. BUT, I have seen MANY women that have (before and after). The results are AMAZING and you will feel much better and you will be able to hold that harp in closer when all is said and done and NOT have it lay on top of you.



    When I have it done… How long will I have to stop playing harp?????????????????
    I just want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is one time I wish I had a lap harp or do you think I can play my Shamrock lever harp??????????
    She’s only 25 pounds… Unlike my style 85 GP pedal harp she’s a WHOPPING 69 pounds

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