Salvi vs. Lyon and Healy?

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    Jerusha Amado on #111428

    Hi Ro!

    Thanks for the heads up on the new and improved website for Camac!

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111429

    Ro, you are so correct. My teacher has an Arianna and that thing is in just perfect shape, and she’s had it for years and years. It’s beautiful, and has a beautiful warm sound…..but her Atlantide Prestige carries better than any harp I have ever heard and is also very well balanced in every other regard. So I’m a Camac fan from the beginning…….even though I started with an L&H Troubie. Also when I have a lesson on the Arianna I know I’ve had a harp on my shoulder for an hour. When I have my lesson on the Atlantide, I can’t tell I’ve had anything at all there…..the balance point and weight seem just perfect on that harp.

    My Athena ex really carries though….and yet I can hear all the counterpoint lines in a baroque sonata. The guy putting in a new sump line in my yard told me last summer, “Hey I was way out in the back of your yard (we have 1/4 acre) and I heard you playing something really nice on your harp!” This while the traffic on the nearby 5 lane road was whizzing by on an afternoon.

    The Vendome is an interesting looking harp……nice without a lot of foofoo on it. I like clean lines. But I have to admit, I also really crave the Orianne in gold….ooh lala!


    unknown-user on #111430

    …it has

    unknown-user on #111431

    Hey Briggs,

    I should have said a very lovely sherman tank…but yes, they are known to be somewhat on the solid side.

    I mentioned Camac to say that there are plenty of alternatives out there.

    And I still think its a very frustrating situation for Fairy and I hope that it works out well for her in the end.

    Best wishes babe….

    Fairy Reel on #111432

    Thanks so much, Curly. I really appreciate it. I, too, hope that I am pleasantly surprised by my harp. I value open-mindedness and hope I can accomplish a lot with what I am fortunate to have (or get. Eventually.).

    So thanks to all!!


    mr-s on #111433

    sorry Briggsie if i offended you,but its my experience with four Salvi harps we have at our conservatory, let me tell you a short story, we have also at the conservatory an Aoyama Harp its the oldest one and all the students studied in the harp class played it and dealt with it uncarefully,but till now its in good condition in deffirent with the new salvi harps, i am conciouse to say the its easy to get breaks or hurted or damaged, our Aoyama had bad experience with our students but still stronger than salvi, i confess that salvi has beautiful sound, but let me say i found that W&W Venus looks like Aoyama strong and steady. sorry again i love all the harps kinds and companies and makers.but its my own opinion.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111434

    You didn’t offend me, you just made a false statement. Maybe the Salvi harps

    john-strand on #111435

    I hope we don’t get into another bashing session – I am here for the interesting and useful stuff about playing and maintaining

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111436

    It doesn’t bother you that there was false information given on an entire BRAND of harps (Salvi), huh John? Only that Venus was mentioned, I gather. Oh my………..I can almost hear the choirs of angels!!

    mr-s on #111437

    sorry if you have problem with Venus, but you cant change my opinion, and i cant change yours, but the minimum we have to respect each others ideas,of course i am lucky, and let me say that Mr Wally and Denise were so kind and great and helped opinion about Salvi not connected with my Venus, i think i told here

    mr-s on #111438

    i swear to God and you are free to believe me or not,my opinion not connected with Getting Venus,although, Wally and Denise by the help of my best friend all over the world Carl,changed my life,and filled it with happiness, maybe you will not understand me,you just started the harp as you wrote in 2006,i played the harp for 16 years and had no harp at home to practice, you know in saint petersburg where i studied there are a very great highly talanted harpists friends of mine,playing on sovietic old

    john-strand on #111439

    Please – my

    David Ice on #111440

    unknown-user on #111441

    Well said David! I have the respect really for all harp makers. I just believe that their are some duds that come out every once in awhile. I’m sure we all have atleast experienced that. Taking a combative tone over which brand is better is childsplay. However, it’s still lovely to hear everyones harp stories.

    My Salvi happens to not be a dud, but I chose it over the Lyon & healy. I thought I liked the sound a bit better. Again, personal taste to suit my fancy! :-) ( and i still have the utmost respect for L&H and all other brands! Goodwork on making us harpists happy in many ways!)

    mr-s on #111442

    you know i feel bad because i have been attacked just because i gave my opinion, i think its not a way of dialoge, said Choir of Angels.

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