Salvi vs. Lyon and Healy?

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    unknown-user on #111413

    The very nature of the harp is for the strings to ring. The essential sound of the harp is the multiplicity of overtones produced by ringing. The ideal sound of the harp would logically be the fullest possible ringing. Somehow, the idea that a harp should not ring as much has crept into being. That might make individual notes seem clearer as there are less overtones ringing, but then there is less sound, color, projection, and less of a harp sound, more like a piano. Why play the harp if you want it to sound like something else? Adapting our music to the sound of the harp is an endless and fascinating challenge, and our techniques should be adequate to the task, rather than reduce the instrument to what I would call lower standards. It seems like a backwards kind of logic to me. Sturdier harps may last longer and need fewer repairs, but if they sound less

    unknown-user on #111414


    I hope that people haven’t been cursing at you on the forum because of your love for Venus harps.

    I haven’t hid my disgust for the screaming and the threats that Denise Krasicki uses against people who badmouth the Venus brand, and that her behavior is too over-the-top for me to consider involving myself with her company.

    David Ice on #111415

    Hi Maria,

    I always try to speak from truth, but what fries my clams is when somebody lies about me–and my integrity.

    Fairy Reel on #111416

    It’s good to know people are happy with their Venus harps. I would definitely like to look elsewhere from Lyon and Healy for my next harp, because I really don’t like the sound. Bright is fine…but the harps err on the side of harshness, in my experience.

    What kind of sound does a Venus have?

    brook-boddie on #111417


    You mention that you don’t care for the sound of Lyon and Healy harps.

    unknown-user on #111418

    Hi Brookster,

    Yep, that 100 of yours sounds like a real corker. I agree with your estimation of the sound = warm, resonant and rich.

    David Ice on #111419

    My Venus’ have a warm big even sound, great bass and a medium-to-bright mid and upper ranges (as opposed to my Wurlitzer, which I would say is very bright in the upper ranges.)

    Fairy Reel on #111420

    Well, for one thing Lyon and Healy had that big sale. That was a deciding factor.

    Also, since I have a Prelude, I was eligible for a trade-up.

    (But I don’t like the sound of my Prelude. Rather tinny, actually).

    My teacher plays Lyon and Healy, and the 23 sounds alright.

    So does the 85 series, at close range. But, when I got the oppurtunity to play an 85 in a concert hall…the brightness was WAY overpowering! And, from the 3rd octave up, it kind of loses the ‘harp’ sound. To me, anyway, it just kind of assumes this sharper, ‘music-box’ sound. The beauty of the bass doesn’t translate to the upper registers…and that really bugs me!

    Anyway, still waiting.

    unknown-user on #111421

    Hi Fairy,

    Sounds like a frustrating situation, waiting for a harp that you suspect is not your cup of tea!

    andy-b on #111422

    Hi, Fairy:

    I’m surprised to hear you describe your Prelude as “tinny”. I’ve had two that were outstanding in both tone, volume and projection. But that’s what makes choosing a harp so interesting. Each harp is very individual. Purchasing without trying first is always hard, as you might get a dud, you might get an okay harp, or you might get something really outstanding.

    unknown-user on #111423

    You can’t generalize about all the harps of a certain model from just one. A harp should be even in tone from bottom to top, but what you describe may be a result of the type or quality of strings, newness, and how you play it. A harp cannot be too loud unless you will only play in a small room. It can be too soft, too not resonant, though. 85s are generally well considered. The Prelude I heard had a full tone. Your strings may be too thin and too old, that will cause tinnier sound. So do hard callouses or dry skin, or not enough flesh. You need a lot of experience to make sensible judgements about harps, and then they will go and prove you wrong, still.

    brook-boddie on #111424

    Very well put, Andy and Saul.

    mr-s on #111425

    Hi, i experienced Salvi harps at the conservatory,we have 4 beautiful harps,the sound i heavenly beautiful,especially when i changed the position of my hands ,fingers after studying in Russia,but let me be frank with you,Salvi are so sensetive harps,and easy to get damaged,believe me,i got about year or less ago a harp from Carl by the Great help of Mr Wally and Denise,its Venus harp,i can say its very strong steady harps,and sounding nice,you can have a look on Venus Harps.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111426

    Mr. Sara, what you are saying about Salvi harps is just not true.

    unknown-user on #111427

    Yep, all the Salvi harps that I’ve played have been built like sherman tanks… technicians tend to like them because there is so little movement in the parts (neck, board, base board) so regulating them tends to be less fiddly…

    The really old ones used to be incredibly over built, heavy monsters that were rock solid! Whether you consider that a good or bad thing…..well, I dunno..The Electra I used to play in the orchestra must be over 35 years now and the neck has not moved a millimeter, and the board only slightly. That harp has been toured all over the world, and is in much better condition for its age than I am!!

    Anyway, I just got on the new Camac website and they have new models…and ooowww..we all like looking at new harps don’t we? It’s actually a much more user friendly site now. They have a new model I like the look of – the Vendome in Mahogany.

    I also finally got a look at the Go Go cart, it is fascinating. But I can’t tell if it would work if you had your transport cover on. Anyone know?? Do you put the cart on first or the cover on first, and slip the hook thingee through the hole in the cover?? (to deliberately pull everyone off topic onto something less controversial….).


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