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    Thanks ladies for your answer regarding the 6-wheeled dollies.



    The Royal Harp Cart is being made by Roy McLaughlin’s grandson, Keith McLaughlin. The same quality and workmanship that you have known continues on. I can be reached at


    What price, and what is the design like? I’ve only seen perhaps more recent ones with straight handles, sheeps wool padding, hard wheels.

    If you are into making harp dollies, would you be interested in developing or copying another design?

    Ian McVoy

    I love all of this!


    My first pedal harp was a Washburn that belonged to the public school system, and they had painted it pea-green and brown. It was horrific. How unfortunate that I didn’t realize we could have bought it and had it restored.


    At least you could play in the woods and not be seen, a skill I’m sure many musicians require at some time or another.

    Zen Sojourner

    I like the idea of the camo harp (further down this thread).

    But has no one noticed . . . .

    “I imagine it may be easier


    Ian: Oh, I’d like a green harp! I’m sure a green harp would be a wonderful compliment to my red hair! LOL

    Zen: Since they failed to specify whether the body was… well, dead… or not, let’s not come to any hasty conclusions, shall we? ;-)

    Jan Ryderstam

    This has happened to myself as well,

    I bought a Salvi trolley a year ago. This last christmas one of the weels fell of, but I managed to save the harp from falling.

    Last week the handle broke. It completely separated from the shafts. Fortunately I had just started to drag the harp, so I still held it with both hands. Imagine what the result would be if this had happened during hoisting it up the stairs!

    Following the failure, I did a careful check of the construction and material. There are two dovetails on both sides of the handle to secure the handle to the shafts. The problem here is that the dovetails are so large that they leave too little material in the shaft. This made the shafts split in exactly the same place on both shafts. The wood seems to be some kind of spruce. It is not very durable and easily splits along the fibers. I would be very careful with using this trolley with an expensive harp as the failure was systematic and not just an accident.

    I have contacted Salvi and they have offered me a new trolley, but I would rather have my money back and change to another brand.

    For those interested I have pictures showing the failure.

    Are there any others who have experienced similar problems?



    It is probably for that reason that Lucile Lawrence only recommended dollys that consisted of wheels alone, so you had your hands on the harp itself at all times. I don’t know if there are any like that currently, but they are much lighter.

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