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    Yesss, I think


    Ooh, that’s a bad sign then; I got all of it.


    Welcome fellow addict!


    Do they recycle bullet-proof vests into harps? Do they wash all the blood out? I hope they use 100% virgin kevlar/plastic.


    You never said what do it smell like? Fish, horsehide, fungus, what?

    Jerusha Amado


    Rosemary would be injecting her humor into this thread right now, if she were here.

    Leigh Griffith

    I want to know what it smells WITH? Does it have a nose?



    Crack up! Maybe it smells using a process of osmosis…just absorbs it through the wood….


    John, you have surely had some rotten luck with harps and accessories…



    Oh! The smell should wear off if it is glue or varnish. If not, spray it with something.

    I had a pal that got cranky with an old boy friend, and put prawns in the hub caps of his car, so that when he drove around he would be reminded of what a stinker he was! When he finally worked out where the smell was coming from, it was really nasty…especially as it had been summer. Well, he tried plenty of remedies to get the smell out, baking soda, deodorizes etc. And one thing that really helped was vanilla extract! So, I would recommend you put a couple of drops of vanilla in a cup of water, and moisten a soft cloth with it, and put


    That sounds like a really great harp dolly, Rosemary!


    Hey Rosemary, question….do the triple wheels really help on stairs? I just wonder about them when I see them. I think I read the trolley reviews in a Harpcolumn hard copy last year, and as I recall it was stated something like “always better to just carry up and down stairs rather than use a trolley anyway.” What do you think?



    I have the old Royal Harp Cart made by Roy McLaughlin of Phoenix, who invented the three wheel thing. It works very well with his cart (although I would carry for a full flight because of the bumping), but I’m not so sure about some of the more modern interpretations of his idea. But my cart is just swell for curbs and a few stairs, like getting up into the altar area of a church.

    The dolly was originally invented for one of his wife’s students who lived in a second floor walk up. She hauled the harp up and down all the stairs on the dolly every time she took a harp out for a job.


    Yes, you should have kept the trolley. I have stuck to mine through several harp purchases. The one that Barbara mentioned sounds very good. When it comes time to replace it, I’ll be hunting around local makers like that…or just find someone to copy this one.

    Mine was only $75 australian…(about $50 US) but it was more than 20 years ago and the maker has since passed away.

    I do think the triple wheels are very helpful for stairs. They work well on my one too, and I think the fact that it

    Evangeline Williams

    I am not a fan of the large trays.

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