Dry, splitting, cracking, bleeding finger tips

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    unknown-user on #157779

    A couple years ago I was given a flyer about Finger Cream made
    by “Musico.” There were numerous testimonials about the efficacy of
    the product, so I went to the site.

    I found a large FOR SALE sign at the site and couldn’t get any
    response from the email address posted there.

    Because we’re going into winter now, humidity levels are changing and
    my finger tips are suffering from harp playing as well as dryness, I
    wonder if anyone can tell me who might be selling this cream.

    Thank you very much.

    Pat McBride

    donna-benier on #157780

    Hi Pat. I haven’t heard of that cream, but I always use a thick lotion with glycerin in it. A lot of times, I find it on display in several scents in “gift shops”.

    unknown-user on #157781

    Dear Pat, The section of the pharmacy that stocks diabetic supplies will have an antibacterial cream that is excellent for dry, cracked fingers and feet. Diabetics often suffer from cracked fingertips because of the constant lancing for blood to test blood sugar levels. The brand name stuff is really expensive (almost $12.00) but I buy the Walmart generic brand “Reli-On” and I think it is just as good. Try to avoid soaking your hands in water and washing your hands as much as possible. You can put a good layer of cream on your hands and slip on a pair of rubber gloves and sleep with them on for a good treatment. Mary Kay comsetics also has a good hand treatment product. Chronic dry skin can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition…low thyroid, diabetes, hormone imbalance, etc. You might mention it to your doctor sometime. Best wishes. Melanie

    unknown-user on #157782

    I forgot to mention the product “New Skin.”

    Brandee Younger on #157783

    Hi Pat.

    M Rodgers on #157784

    I have to say that I swear by Superglue.

    unknown-user on #157785

    Hi Pat, I just started playing the harp in September and this winter have had the same problem.

    unknown-user on #157786

    After fifteen years of cracked bleeding finger tips and thousands of band-aids/topical creams I have found the cure.

    Run to your drug store and get the new Advanced Healing BAND-AID that is in a SILVER BOX (get large size).

    unknown-user on #157787

    Try Heal My Hands products – specifically their Heal My Heels.

    unknown-user on #157788

    Hi Pat…any opportunity to give a testimonial! I work in the printing business and am constantly exposed to harsh conditions and even harsher chemicals. Around 1990, my thumbs started to crack and bleed…nothing worked. 1994 came and my index fingers started going. Winter was awful. The sides of my middle fingers started in around 1998. There were times that I had 4 or 5 fingers in various states of injury and still nothing really helped. Then in October of 1999, going into the winter, I desperately typed ‘cracked finger tips’ on a web explorer and found over a thousand ‘hits’. Fortunately, the ZIM’S CRACK CREAM testimonial page was only a few hits down on the first page. Wallgreen’s carried it, I got some, and in a few weeks, all my finger tips were healed and they have NEVER cracked since!! It’s all natural, cheap, and easy to use. I supplement it with AVON’s ‘Moisture Therapy’ hand cream and there have been no outbreaks in almost 3 years!! ‘Nuff said!!

    unknown-user on #157789

    I just wanted to reply to the last senderor reply.

    unknown-user on #157790

    Dear Pat,
    My manicurist suggested Zim’s Crack Cream for my dry, chapped hands.

    unknown-user on #157791

    I found that taking a daily Vitamin A suppliment helps alot.

    unknown-user on #157792

    Hey Pat, my Dad is suffering from cracked, dry skin on his fingers and the skin is peeling back, he has been to a dermatoligist and they recommended a lotion with no results!!

    unknown-user on #157793

    I am sorry, but I haven’t heard about the cream you are asking for. I just wanted to inform everybody who uses New Skin. I have a medical conditon where the skin on my feet crack and bleed, much like the hands of a harpist. I see a dermatologist regularly and he told me to use Super Glue to help the cracks on my feet. He told me that everything is exactly the same between New Skin and Super Glue. He said that the only difference is the label. I would think that super glue would be better than a cloth band-aid while playing the harp.
    Hope I could help, Carolin

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