Virginia and Atlanta Harp Centers Introduce Premier Harp Strings


The Virginia and Atlanta Harp Centers have announced that they are now carrying the Premier Harp Strings line of concert tension gut harp strings. The new line is compatible with all brands of concert-tension harps, according to the company. “We always strive to offer harpists a choice in instruments, and we are pleased to now offer a choice in strings,” says Virginia Harp Center founder and owner Mary Jane D’Arville. Premier Harp Strings are manufactured in France and are available exclusively through the Virginia and Atlanta Harp Centers in the U.S.


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  1. Jerusha Amado on

    Has anyone tried the new Premiere pedal harp gut strings? They’re made in France and are being carried by Virginia and Atlanta Harp Centers. I wonder how they compare to Bow Brand and the now-defunct Vanderbilt pedal gut strings in terms of longevity and tonal quality.

    • Jerusha, I have tried these strings and find them to be wonderful. They aren’t covered in the same slick material as the Bow Brand and have similar traction to the old Vanderbilt strings. I thought the resonance was equal to Bow Brand as well. I switched after playing them!

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