Rave Harps Center Opens in Singapore

Katryna Tan is founder of Rave Harps Academy and Center.

Katryna Tan is founder of Rave Harps Academy and Center.

Harpist Katryna Tan has opened the Rave Harps Center, in Singapore, as a home base for the Rave Harps Academy that she founded over 10 years ago. Rave Harps is the representative of Camac Harps in Singapore and Malaysia and the new center will also serve as a harp showroom.

“We would like the centre to be like a home from home for the sixty-odd young harpists who are now part of Rave Harps”, said Tan in a post on Camac’s Harpblog. “Students are welcome to come and practise, look through music, practise performing in the central space, and basically hang out together. We wanted to create a really pleasant environment, peaceful, friendly and not crowded. This is important for making art and music.”

Rave Harps has a long tradition of sponsoring educational opportunities for harp students through individual lessons, classes, and even a harp musical, Pluck, conceived and produced by Tan, who also authored Unleash the Musician Within You. The center is planning a series of upcoming master classes with Isabelle Moretti, who will serve as the center’s Artistic Advisor.

For more information about the Rave Harp Center and Rave Harps Academy, www.raveharps.com or see their Facebook page.



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