Late Dawn

Luminance Trio: Amelia Romano, harp; Saul Richmond-Rakerd, cello; and Matthew Ebisuzaki, c-rotary trumpet. Self-released, 2021.

The awesome San Francisco-based trio Luminance (Amelia Romano, acoustic and electric lever harp; Saul Richmond-Rakerd, cello; and Matt Ebisuzaki, trumpet) rocks out to original works inspired by both classical and Latin styles. Romano has an altogether innate jazz cool that easily invites classically trained Ebisuzaki to bring out his inner Miles Davis with a honey and liquid quality and balance the dulcet lyricism of Richmond-Rakerd’s effortless transition from arco to pizz. Favorites include the bubbling hopefulness of Down Yonder and La Bohème, a cinematic ballade featuring the ensemble’s lush and vibrant color palette. It is truly a dazzling journey they take us on!

A Net of Gems

Erica Goodman, harp, and Suzanne Shulman, flute. Wolftone, 2021.

Flutist Suzanne Shulman and harpist Erica Goodman introduce a new work written in the time of COVID. The title track, A Net of Dreams by David Occhipinti, takes its inspiration from the Indian myth of the net of Indra, where at each intersecting point, a gem reflects upon even more gems. It’s a metaphor for inner being and the perfect showcase for the duo’s plangent range. Also of note is Bernard Andrès’ clever Narthex, which invites the listener inside a Romanesque church in the same manner as Mussorgsky and his Pictures at an Exhibition. Through the use of unusual sonorities and extended techniques, we find ourselves attracted to one stained glass window here or a statue there, before yet another treasure pulls us in to its ancient splendor. Lovely new finds in this well-made disc.