Spooky Tunes Playlist

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It’s spooky season! We’re here to help get you in the Halloween spirit with these haunting melodies, both old and new!

Spooky Classics

Toccata e Fuga

by J.S. Bach, arr. Floraleda Sacchi

Everyone knows this one from beat one of the piece. It is perhaps one of the spookiest melodies of all time, especially when it’s played in its original form on the organ. Although Bach probably did not intend this piece to be creepy, it has been used in dozens of thriller and horror films, making it a dramatic classic for the season. For an intermediate version of this piece (without the fugue), see Rhett Barnwell’s arrangement.

Funeral March for a Marionette

by Gounod, arr. Mitch Landy

Another spooky Classical piece! As the name suggests, this piece depicts the funeral of a puppet and the melody has become a staple to hear in October.

Swan Lake: Scene

by Tchaikovsky, arr. Angela Klöhn

Something about this well-loved Tchaikovsky melody has always been eerie to me. This very accessible arrangement allows you to bring the drama of the ballet to life at home. Aside from spooky season, it’s also great for weddings, background events, and more.

Spooky Originals

Spooky Tunes

Mitch Landy

This collection of six original tunes is SO much fun! I honestly feel like I’m playing the score to a Halloween movie with this book—there’s spookiness, creepiness, mischief, playfulness and more in the melodies. These tunes will definitely get you into the Halloween spirit. (See below for Landy’s advanced-beginner book).

Halloween: Spooky Little Tunes for Spooky Little Harpists

Mitch Landy

This collection has five original tunes for advanced beginners that are similar in Halloween spirit to the previous collection!

Lonely Shepherd

by Paul Schocker

This piece has a beautiful, haunting melody that rings out over the accompaniment. It is perfect to add to your gig setlists for the month of October and beyond.

Stargazing and Canzona

by Aiga Helmer

These short, one-page tunes remind me of spooky music boxes in the best way. There’s something about a great minor melody during October. Chord symbols are provided in both, so it’s easy to build on the melody and you could even bring in another instrumentalist to play with you.

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