Praise for Pedal Sliders

Like Pedal Sliders? You’re not alone! Check out what harpists are saying about the duo’s new holiday arrangements:

Ray Pool

“What all of these tunes have in common is a rich and tasty harmonic vocabulary. The chord voicings go far beyond customary triad harmony. Sevenths, ninths and thirteenths are used throughout to bring these titles into a very modern age.

The editing of the publication is very clear. Pedal movements are precisely placed. Lever movements are indicated with diamond shaped notes accompanied by the appropriate accidentals. They are placed exactly where they need to be moved and the left hand accompaniment provides ample time to change the lever setting. Suggested performance notes in the beginning provide clarification of rhythmic treatments in a “swing” style.

Chord symbols are provided for the use of an additional harmonic instrument if so desired. The music notation throughout the collection is of the highest quality. This is certainly a very important addition to the repertoire for harpists in the holiday season. It is also a very valuable publication for students who are looking to go “outside the box” of standard harp repertoire as they prepare for future opportunities.

When I first put my fingers to the strings, I knew this would be a very interesting and satisfying journey through holiday repertoire. Congratulations to Tony Robinson and Amanda Whiting!”

—Ray Pool

Danielle Perrett

“Amanda Whiting and Tony Robinson lead the field in their trail blazing series of new Jazz books for harp! At the earliest of levels, clear chord symbols and the chance to improvise really teaches students about convincing and clear harmonic progressions which they can also take use for themselves in their own compositions in preparation for GCSE composition assignments at school.

They also offer enormous flexibility and the chance to target specific fingering patterns and techniques chosen by the teacher and student using the harmonic progressions. Catchy, attractive rhythm is a strong feature of the works.

The pieces are highly attractive throughout the suite of books and the most advanced are extremely satisfying and sophisticated new solos and arrangements which give a creative new take on familiar melodies. The printing is very clear, accurate, easy to read and well set out.

My own students LOVE these books and cannot get enough of them! They have been stealing the show with them at school concerts and the like! These books have swept straight to the top of the popularity stakes for the students and their families alike and I enjoy hearing them in the lessons, too!

—Danielle Perrett


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