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Expand the harmonies of your repertoire with this curated hour-long jazz program. This list is the latest installment of our “Build Your Gig Book” series. Choose what you want, or buy the entire set with a 10% discount. (Scroll down for discount!)

Did you know that April is national jazz month? We are celebrating at Harp Column with these fun jazzy tunes that are perfect for your gig book.

(Titles marked with an * are playable on lever harp.)

Jazzy originals

Carol Robbins

Still Light


Still Light & Emilia

Carol Robbins

Harp Column Music has recently published these two pieces that have such satisfying, jazzy melodies. “Still Light” reminds me of a nice jaunt down the sidewalk on a crisp day. Both pieces have interesting chord voicings that when mixed with lush rolls are absolutely bewitching on the harp.


Riza Printup

This piece is new to me and I immediately know that I’m going to have it in my gig book for years to come. It has a simple melody that continues to develop in harmonic color throughout the entire piece. It is approximately six minutes in length (again, great for the gig book) and on the lighter, smoother side of jazz.

Black Orchid*

Christa Grix

All I can say is that this is so much fun to play! It has an upbeat, jazzy, samba groove to it and would be the perfect show-stopping encore piece on any concert program.

Familiar jazzy tunes

Traditional Tunes with a Twist*

Arr. Verlene Schermer

This is such a great collection to have in your repertoire. I absolutely love when traditional tunes are given new life, evolving them to a more modern sound. Each arrangement in this collection begins simply and evolves slowly to be more jazzy throughout. Some of the tunes included are “Greensleeves,” “Oh Susannah,” and “House of the Rising Sun.”

The Very Thought of You

Arr. Michelle Whitson Stone

This pop/jazz classic is a great addition to the gig book. There is so much feeling and life in the melodies.

Autumn Leaves

Arr. Riza Printup

When we’re talking jazz, it’s always a good idea to add a well-loved jazz standard to your gig book. This exciting arrangement uses the full range of the harp, which is both fun and flashy!

The Water is Wide*

Arr. Cindy Horstman

Everyone loves this melody, right? This Scottish tune has always been a favorite of mine. I love the new life that Cindy has brought to it with the simple additions of jazz harmonies and syncopated rhythms.

Pedal Sliders Products

Jazz harpist Amanda Whiting has a treasure trove of short, jazzy originals written with percussionist Tony Robinson. Many of their pieces have built in opportunities to work on your improv skills with either chord symbols provided or designated improv sections. Below are a few that I particularly enjoy playing. The pair also has a series of jazz method books available.

The Winter Trees*
A Walk in the Park
Jazz Lullaby*
Watching the Begonias*
Wibbly Waltz*


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Wibbly Waltz$6.00

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