Meet our newest artists!

We’ve added three new artists to our HCM roster!

Jodi Ann Tolman

If you like the hymn arrangements by Rhett Barnwell and Brook Boddie, you’ll definitely want to check out Jodi Ann Tolman (above center), who was inspired by their style for her own inspirational creations. “Even before I started playing the harp, I fell in love with Brook Boddie’s song ‘Upon the Willows,'” says Jodi Ann. “I started taking harp lessons shortly after hearing his song and was thrilled to perform it just a year later. More recently I have fallen in love with Rhett Barnwell’s ‘Lullaby.’ I love the calm, beautiful arrangements that both Rhett Barnwell and Brook Boddie write. I like to write arrangements of hymns and other songs that are calm and peaceful, although I’m starting to explore writing more arrangements of pop songs, mostly love songs that I think are beautiful.”

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Jodi Ann Tolman

Here With You


Jodi Ann Tolman

All Through the Night


Teresa Suen-Campbell

Teresa Suen-Campbell (above left) joins us with her adaptation of the Chinese folk song “Jasmine” (also known as “Mo Li Hua”). “There are two different versions of the same title, one instrumental and one vocal. My arrangement combines both versions,” says Suen-Campbell. “‘Jasmine’ became famous in the West mainly due to the fact that Puccini cited the melody in his opera Turandot, an opera about a Chinese princess in 1924. In the 18th Century, the British publicized the tune after they heard it at the court of Emperor Qiang Long from the Qing Dynasty. Nowadays, it is a popular folk song which is often performed to represent China on international stage. It is almost second to national anthem in terms of importance and popularity.”

Joy Slavens

Just in time for Easter, Joy Slavens (above right) joins us with two Easter collections, along with other inspirational and holiday solos for lever harp. “I love to compose original solos for the harp,” says Joy. “I enjoy the challenge of coming up with new sounds for others to enjoy. I spend a lot of time arranging sacred hymns, popular tunes, broadway, these are styles I enjoy playing. Old love songs too!”

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