Barrington Music Publications are now available!

We have some very exciting news to share—Barrington Music Publications are now available on Harp Column Music! With the help of Beverly Barrington, we’ve made these out-of-print titles by Gayle Barrington and Whit Dudley available as PDF downloads. Proceeds from these publications benefit the Whit Dudley Memorial Scholarship at the University of Texas.

BMP Publications have been a favorite of harp ensembles since the late ’80s when harpist Gayle Barrington and her husband, horn player Wayne Barrington, started the company to publish music by Whit Dudley and others. Since then, hundreds of harpists have enjoyed Whit’s renditions of classics like Greensleeves, Sonata in Re, Passacaglia, and others. Gayle’s arrangements of En Bateau, Maid with the Flaxen Hair, and others are also perennial favorites.

A very brief history… Gayle Barrington’s career included performing as a member of Carlos Salzedo’s “Angelaires” before she became principal harp with the Austin Symphony (through 1982) and harp instructor at the University of Texas; Gayle died in 2013. Whit Dudley also lived in Austin, where he succeeded Gayle as principal harp in Austin; sadly, he died from AIDS in 1992. (Read more on Whit’s memorial Facebook page.)

Gayle and Whit’s arrangements—especially Whit’s tried-and-true “Greensleeves“—became harp ensemble staples, but gradually went out of print. We are so thankful to Gayle’s daughter Beverly for bringing them back into circulation on Harp Column Music.

We hope you enjoy these classic arrangements!

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Gayle Barrington

Golliwogg’s Cake Walk


Gayle Barrington

En Bateau


Gayle Barrington

Four Songs


Gayle Barrington

Vers La Source





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