Dirty Elise (duo version)


Willi Maerz’s “Dirty Elise” is for two pedal harps. A musical joke based on one of the most popular compositions of Beethoven, this lighthearted piece transposes Beethoven’s famous melody into swing and Latin styles. See also the quartet version.

This piece is available as a PDF download in the following combinations:

  • Complete Set: $15.00
    (includes score and both parts)
  • Score only: $7.00
  • Harp 1 only: $5.00
  • Harp 2 only: $5.00

Length: score is 8 pgs.; parts are 7 pgs.

Duration: 3:00

Note: This piece is formatted for A4 paper size; use the settings in your printer dialog box to get the best fit for your paper size.