Harp Newbies Activity Book, Level 1


Verlene Schermer’s Harp Newbies Activity Book, Level 1 is for beginning lever or pedal harpists. Schermer’s Harp Newbies series helps harpists to develop skills in music reading, technique, and music theory. Each level has three books that are best used together: The Lesson Book, The Tune Book, and the Activity Book. Schermer says this book “provides more practice with music theory and harp technique through five types of activities: playing; writing; doing (such things as hand clapping); listening; and watching.” Other books in this series: Harp Newbies Lesson Book, Level 1 Harp Newbies Tune Book, Level 1. Scroll down for additional notes.

This book is available as a PDF download for $15.00.

Length: 40 pgs.