Wind Harp


Stephen Dunstone’s original composition “Wind Harp” is for four lever or pedal harps. Dunstone describes it as “a fast Aeolian Mode piece in 6/8, based on variants of the chords of Cm and Gm7, starting very softly and crescendoing all the way to the end, while weaving melodies through the texture. Fast, but not hard, and very satisfying to do.” Also included is a part with all the motifs, which can be reallocated to suit the needs of the group. (See the score for a suggestion about fingering Motifs 1, 2, and 3, for added visual effect.)

This pieces is available as a PDF download in the following combinations:

  • Complete Set: $15.80
    (Includes score and all parts.)
  • Score only: $6.70
  • Harp 1 only: $3.00
  • Harp 2 only: $3.00
  • Harp 3 only: $3.00
  • Harp 4 only: $3.00
  • Motifs only: $3.00

Length: score is 11 pgs.; parts are 3 pgs; motifs 4 pgs.

Duration: @2:00