Harpo Christmas Carols Book 1


Stephen Dunstone’s Harpo Christmas Carols Book 1 is ideal seasonal repertoire for beginning lever or pedal harpists. Included are 12 classic carols for harp solo presented in three ways: letter names; one-hand melody only; and two hands with melody and harmony. Also include are 24 audio tracks so new harpists can play along, with or without the melody. (See product description below for contents.) Although this book is for harp solo, it can also be used as flexible ensemble repertoire.

This collection is a PDF download for $18.95.

Length: 51 pgs.

Duration: each carol between 1:30 and 2:30

Note: Once purchased, this product will give you access to one PDF music file, and 24 mp3 audio files. Downloading all the audio files requires approx. 60mb of space.