The Moldau (insert)


Silke Aichhorn has arranged  missing sections from The Moldau to serve as an augmentation to Hanus Trneček’s harp solo arrangement of the famous orchestral work by Smetana. Explains Aichhorn: “As Trneček ignored the well known and very appreciated ‘Country Wedding,’ I arranged this part and adapted the following ‘Moonlight,’ ‘Nymph’s Dance,’ and ‘The Old Castles’ with small changes. The result is a plug-in module for the normal Trneček version, starting at bar 84 = 28th bar of the ‘Hunt’ and finishing after ‘The Old Castles’ just before piu mosso.”

This insert is available as a PDF download for $13.00.
(Note: this arrangement includes Aichhorn’s insert only and does not include a complete version of The Moldau).

Length: 8 pgs.

Duration: 4:40.

Note: This piece is formatted for A4 paper size. Experiment with the settings in your printer dialog box to find the best fit for your paper size.