Three Dances of the Ocean, Sky and Forest


Michelle Velvin’s Three Dances of the Ocean, Sky and Forest is for three lever or pedal harps. Also performable by harp ensemble in two parts with separate soloist, this suite of three dances is meant to be performed with live dancers interwoven into the performance. Each movement has a unique character for the musicians and dancers to explore: a lyrical dance, a slipjig, and a tango. Scroll down for contents and notes from the composer.

This piece is a PDF download for $21.00.
(Includes score, harp solo, and harp 1 and 2 parts).

Length: score is 29 pgs; parts are 11-13 pgs.

Duration: 15:00

Note: This piece is formatted for A4 paper size; use the settings in your printer dialog box to get the best fit for your paper size.