Musical Tones


Musical Tones is a set of three pieces for 4 pedal harps by Maurice Draughn that cover the more complex arrangement of tones in music. “Mystique” is based on the whole tone scale while “Lucky Eight” is structured around the octatonic scale. “Twelve Tone Waltz” was composed using the twelve tone technique. A worksheet is included to aid in further exploration of each theory concept. 

This piece is available as a PDF download in the following combinations:

  • Complete Set: $15.00 
    (includes score and four parts)
  • Harp 1 only: $3.00
  • Harp 2 only: $3.00
  • Harp 3 only: $3.00
  • Harp 4 only: $3.00

Length: score is 20 pgs.; parts are 10-11 pgs.

Duration: 6 mins.