Adventures for Lever Harp-Book 3


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Lauren Scott has composed Adventures for Lever Harp—Book 3 especially for lever harp solo. These five pieces—which require a fully levered 34-string harps—contain no lever changes but use pre-set lever positions. (They can also be played on other types of harps with some adaptation by the player.) Inspired by the natural world and the changing seasons, each piece targets one or two different techniques. Included are:

1. Printemps
2. Red Kite on the Moors
3. Neeps & Tatties
4. The First Snowdrops
5. The Leaping Salmon

This collection is a PDF download for $20.00

Pages to print: entire collection is 24 pgs.

Duration: each piece @ 3:00-4:00

Note: this piece is formatted for A4 paper size. Use the settings in your printer dialog box to get the best fit for your paper size.