The Swan


Kimberly Rowe’s transcription of “The Swan,” originally composed for cello and two pianos, is for one or more harps and cello or flute. This flexible arrangement includes transcriptions of the original piano accompaniment parts (Harp 1 and Harp 2), plus simplified versions of each part (Harp 1A and Harp 2A). The piece also works as a duo with either Harp 1 or Harp 1A and cello or flute. Harp 2A is extremely simple and designed for beginners to play along.

This piece is sold as a PDF download in the following combinations:

  • Complete Set: $14.95
    (includes score and all parts; score, cello, and flute parts not sold separately)
  • Harp 1: $5.95
  • Harp 1A: $5.95
  • Harp 2: $3.95
  • Harp 2A: $3.95

Length: score is 5 pgs; Harp 1 and 1A are 3–4 pgs.; other parts are 1 pg.

Duration: @4:00